A Likely Story?

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By: derekthedalek

Amy comes into the room. You see her take a furtive glance to the door and then shuts it behind her. She appears to be a slight mixture of emotions - part irritated, part concerned. You're not sure how to take it either way.

After a moment she speaks. "You still there, little guy? We need to talk." You're a tad nervous as to what that means but since Amy has been the trusting type so far you come from out of the books and move into view on the desk. When she sees you Amy gives a pleasant smile and you relax slightly.

Sitting down on her chair Amy offers you a finger and you climb onto your hand where she proceeds to lift you to her face. "Ok, Audrey was down in the mess hall talking to us about you. Said you're nicking diamond earings or something and will keep nicking stuff till we find you."

You stare up amazed. "What? That's crazy! How the heck would I get diamonds about half my size round? Wouldn't I be more concerned about getting back to normal first?"

She stares at you hard for a moment, then smiles sweetly. "It's ok, I know you're not lying about that. And as you say it's pretty unlikely. Surprised so many of the girls were prepared to believe there's even a tiny man, let alone he being a thief. I'd have a hard time believing it myself if I hadn't seen him with my own eyes."

You smile yourself. "Thank goodness, Amy, I knew you were a-"

She raises a finger on her other hand and presses it softly against your face so she can finish. "I know. I have this sort of way of knowing when somebody's a good person. And I think you are... or at least you're not the thieving type. So I'm going to protect you from the others now they're on their guard for tiny thieves. And we can trust Sophie to keep things secret when she gets back. She wouldn't do anything without my sayso."

Your body stirs with lust at this titan sized protector of yours and you both kiss passionately. Amy keeps you safe all evening as she works in her room, the pair of you talking quietly so as not to betray your secret. You're still slightly guilty about not telling Amy the actual truth surrounding your shrinking problems but you don't know how she'd take you wanting a harem of giant sized women to love you as per a genie's wish and the problems it caused in the so-called genie screwing you over. But at this moment you might as well have gotten your wish, as unlike Audrey Amy is kind hearted and loving, plus more than a bit fun. Part of your wonders what Sophie is like - another dirty part even wondering if you can have both of them as beautiful lovers forever.

But for now you curl up on Amy's soft skin as she goes to bed, electing to take you in with her as she falls asleep with you astride her...

Your choices:

  1. Sophie returns and elects to help Amy and look after you!
  2. Audrey shows up to try and find you!

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