Stay in Amy's Room

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By: northgate

You tell her you don't want to take a chance at being spotted so you better stay in her room. You also ask her to bring you back something to eat.

She carries you over to her desk and puts you on top of it and sits down in front of you. She pets you with her finger tip and says, "Don't worry. You'll be safe here and I'll get you something to eat to. Now just in case someone comes in here you can hide on my desk. You can get behind this picture frame or behind this stack of books." She points to both hiding places at opposite ends of the desk. "My roommate Sophie is suppose to be out for the night but just in case she gets back before me, you may want to hide until I introduce you." She grabs you up and plants a big kiss across your face before putting you back down and standing to leave.

She walks out and you notice the door doesn't lock. "Damn this old house", you think, "What if Audrey takes the opportunity to search the rooms while everyone is at dinner?" You continue to worry and stay close to the pile of books in case you need to hide. You figure they will provide more cover than a small picture frame. An hour ticks by slowly and you wonder if you should be trying to escape this crazy sorority house rather than hanging out with this girl who may or may not help you.

Little do you know but Audrey has a totally different plan to catch you. She told all her sorority sisters at dinner about how she found a little man and was going to present him to the house as their new pet but that he was very tricky and escaped. She told them that she had caught him trying to steal her diamond earrings and now that he escaped he would continue stealing until they find and stop him. She got them so worked up that they all left dinner to check their own jewelery and search their room for the little man.

You are standing next to the books when you hear the door knob turning. You quickly hide until you can see who it is.

It's ...

Your choices:

  1. Amy and she heard Audrey's story about you.
  2. Sophie and she came straight upstairs and didn't hear the story.

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