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By: northgate

Before you reach a doorway, a shadow falls over you and before you can react you are swept up into the palm of another sorority sister. She brings you up to her face and looks at you in wonderment. "Oh my God", she exclaims, "a little naked guy! Hi there!"

You try to get her to move before Audrey comes out in the hallway. "Quick. People are after me. You need to hide me.", you tell her and she quickly responds continuing down the hall and up the steps to the third floor and her room. She closes and locks the door and jumps on the bed. She opens her hand again to examine you lying in her palm.

"OK little guy, you're safe now. So how did you get so little and who is chasing you?", she asks eying you up.

You figure it is time for a new story given that the genie and harem story hasn't worked for you so far. "It's time to lie a bit", you think to yourself. "I was shrunk in lab accident", you tell her and there are people from the government that want to take me away and experiment on me. You have to help me. You can't tell anyone I exist not even your sorority sisters. If you of them tells the wrong person, we could all be in big trouble.", you tell her in your most desperate voice.

"Don't worry little man. Amy will protect you from those big bad guys. You can stay here and I'll take good care of you.", she says as her fingertip comes up and strokes your body a few times giving you a instant erection. She giggles at the sight of your stiff member. "At least I see all of your guy parts are working." She leaves you for a moment while she goes through her backpack putting a few things on her desk. You get a good look at her and she is medium height with straight shoulder length hair and brown eyes that glimmer like gems.

She comes back over and sits down on the edge of the bed and is towering over you. "Now how can I help you ", she asks looking down at you with her sexy eyes. "Should I take you back to the lab?'

"No, that's what they'll expect me to do", you tell her, "I need to figure out what to do. I need time. I just need to stay with you until I figure this out."

"OK", she responds, "You have all the time you need. I don't graduate for another year and a half. Hopefully we'll figue it our before then." She plucks you up and puts you back in her palm and continuing playing with you with her fingers.

You think to your self that this is a problem. You know of no way to get restored and you can't keep this lie going forever. You are going to need time to figure this out.

Amy looks at the clock and realizes it's time for dinner. "So little guy, I'm going to dinner now", she tells you, "Do you want to stay here or come with me?"

Your choices:

  1. Stay in the room
  2. Go with her to dinner

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