Joe explores another room

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By: northgate

Joe slips in under another door down the hall before Audrey looks in the hallway. The room is deserted which is good. It is a pretty standard looking double although you have no clue who might live there. One thing for sure is that they are messy as there are clothes and shoes all over the floor. You think this could be good for hiding. Just then you spy something on the desk far above you. It is a McDonald's bag and a drink next to it. You have eaten in a while and you think this is your big break if you dare climb up the desk. You see a lamp cord the runs along side the desk that you could climb to get up there.

You explore a bit further and you see another bag probably her roommates in a near empty wire mesh trash can. You walk up to it and are sure you smell french fries in the bag. You look at the trash can and figure it would be easy to climb into but difficult to get out of quickly.

You're stomach growls and you decide you have to do one of these two options. Do you....

Your choices:

  1. Go for the desk
  2. Go for the trash can

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