Escaping Audrey

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By: northgate

Just then Audrey's cell phone rings and she looks away from you to her desk so she can see who is calling. It takes her a moment to find the phone and look at it and you take the opportunity to make a break for it to get away from this crazy girl. You dash under the bed so you'll be out of her line of sight and it works and she doesn't know where you went.

Audrey is outraged that you ran on her and she roars, "You better get back here now you little shit or I'm going to squash you like a grape when I find you."

She is looking under the bed but you've already cleared the other side and as heading for the door which has an opening at the bottom big enough for you to squeeze under. "Thank goodness for old sorority houses", you think as you move down the hallway trying to find cover. There is a stairway down the hall but you figure it will take you too long to navigate down the steps and you'll be out in the open. You head down the hall in the opposite direction figuring you'll need to dive under another door and find a place to hide until things calm down a bit.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. make it to another room and slip under the door.
  2. you are spotted by another girl

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