Tell Lori your Idea

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By: northgate

Lori returns after several hours and opens the drawer to check on you. "So, do you have an idea yet.", she asks, "If I like your idea I have a present for you" and she shows you a bite size candy bar.

You think fast not wanting to piss her off and get some food. "I could do a dance routine", you offer up.

She thinks for a minute and smiles. "Yes a dance routine. I like that. You can be a mini-stripper. I like that" She drops the candy bar in with you and you rip at the wrapper to get to it. You bite into the chocolate and eat as much as you can. She returns with a cap full of water that you can drink from. "What a little piggy", she laughs, "Now get some rest because tomorrow we need to work out your dance routine. She removes the remainder of the chocolate and the wrapper and closes the drawer.

The next morning Lori and her roommate and fellow pledge work on your routine. Lori teaches you the dance moves while fits you with a costume. They started out wanting to put you in a tux but that was to difficult so they ended up with a ridiculous looking thing that allows you to rip away pieces one at a time. They work you all day back and forth until night.
When they finally decide it is quitting time they decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. take you out clubbing with them and their friends to celebrate
  2. lock you up in the drawer while they go out clubbing

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