Awaken by your Unaware Roommates

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By: northgate

You wake up to sounds around you and quickly realize the girls that you bunked in with last night are already up and moving about. You figure you need to make a move now or you will be stuck in this dorm for another day without food or drink. You climb out of your moccasin bed and peek out from under the bed. The girls that you were sleeping under is out of the room while her roommate, a cute petite brunette, is getting dressed. You look around and see a backpack on the floor across the way that must belong to this girl. It has several zipper pockets and you think one is open. This is a great chance but you have to get over to the bag without being seen.

You go the long way walking along the edges of the bed, desks and walls without going across the open floor where you would be more obvious to see or could be accidentally stepped on. You wait under her desk until she walks away before trying to get into the backpack. Finally, she goes to get something from her desk and you make a mad dash across to at an open pocket on the bag and dive in. It isn't that big and you immediately worry that you'll be spotted. You worries grow as she returns dropping her wallet and id into the bag followed by zippering in closed.

A moment later you feel yourself in motion and you know you are on your way out of the dorm. Your luck continued when you realize she is on her way to the dorm cafeteria. She opens the bag and you hide under her wallet. You're relived when you realize she only was retrieving id to get breakfast and you remain hidden behind the wallet. She gets breakfast and sits down putting her bag on the floor, replacing her id but leaving the zipper open. Your golden opportunity and you climb out and retreat to under the table to avoid being seen. You hit the jackpot when you see a piece of doughnut of the floor and quickly gobble it up. You still need something to drink and it is unlikely you'll find that under the table or anywhere on the floor. You look around and see there are three girls sitting at this table and you could probably hitch a ride with any of them. The alternative is to stay around here and hope for the best.

You decide to stay because you have a better chance of finding food and drink here than in a classroom which is where these girls are probably headed. You wait a while and it starts to thin out and you decide to try and find your way around. You don't like going out in the open to work your way from the dining room to the kitchen but you don't have much choice. You slowly make your way to the from and then to the serving area. You have luck on your side again as you see a girl that works there filling an ice machine. Several ice chips fall on the floor which she doesn't notice and you run over to get them as soon as she leaves.. They are still too big for you to eat or put in your mouth but you grab on up and suck on it getting as much water as you can get. You are enjoying your ice drink when you hear a noise and turn around to see the same girl coming back with a mob to clean up the mess you are standing in the middle of.

You know you are in trouble and quickly run for cover under a heavy metal counter.

Your choices:

  1. You make it unseen by the girl
  2. She spots you running

Retrieved September 13, 2016