Find a waste bin in the nearest room

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By: northgate

You decide you're better off with a room than the bathroom so you go to the nearest door and are able to squeeze under the bottom and into the room. It is dark and you quickly ascertain there are two girls in here and they are both asleep. You look around and see they have a trash can but to your dismay it is solid plastic, too high to climb and has a lid. This isn't good for you. You think about trying another room but you're already here and that would take more effort and risk. You decide you are better off hiding in this room and plotting an escape while resting.

You go under one of the beds to stay out of sight just in case so one gets up. You look around although it's pretty dark and hard to see and you find a moccasin that is lined with a fuzzy material which you figure is a good place to rest. You climb in and lay down tired from your adventure so far. The moccasin smells from it's owners foot and you assume she doesn't wear socks with her mocs. It bother you a little but you are comfortable and far away from those sorority girls. You come up with a plan that you could sneak into one of these girl's bags in the morning and get carried out of the dorm to a safer place. As you think through the details you fall fast asleep in the moccasin.

Morning comes and you are awakened by ...

Your choices:

  1. the sounds of the girls getting ready for class
  2. the moccasin being lifted in the air by a girl who plans to wear it.

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