Brooke takes you to the Showers

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By: northgate

Brooke tells you she in in the mood for a shower and you can join her. She grabs you up and carries you into the bathroom dropping you in the bowl of the sink while she gets a towel and adjusts the water. She gets you and places you on the floor of the shower as she gets in. "Try not to get stepped on. I can't promise I won't step on you if I get soap in my eyes", she tells you as she starts to wash her face.

You position yourself as far forward in the shower under the faucet by the drain which fortunately has a cover so you can get swept down it. You look up and a massive waterfalls is cascading down over this lovely beauty. You look ahead and see her toned tan legs and bare feet. You watch almost in slow motion as she notices you and bends down picking you up and holding you under the water. "You can use a cleaning too,, stinky boy", she says as she gets some liquid soap and rubs it all over you covering you in suds. "Let's see if I can put you to use she says as she uses the soap on your body to cover her breasts with soap. "You make I nice bath accessory", she comments as she rubs you over her body causing you to cough from all of the soap.

"Let's see how you work in some special places", she muses as she covers you again on soap and uses you down below to soap up her private parts. "Hmm, that feels good", she purrs, "We'll have to try more of that later" Then she moves you to her rear where she jams you between her ass cheeks to clean her backside. You struggle to escape but she hold you firmly until she is done. "Good job", she says placing you on a wall soap dish leaving you trapping helplessly hoilding on as she washes her legs and feet. When she is finished she does her hair and then exits the shower to dry off. "What about me?", you yell but she ignores you until she has wrapped her head and body in towels and she returns for you.

She drops you back into a deep sink basin that would be difficult to get out of while she finishes drying off and changing in the next room. She returns and is...

Your choices:

  1. wearing lingerie and is ready to play
  2. dressed to go out on the town

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