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By: northgate

You say, "Brooke" and watch as she holds her hands out to receive you. Ellie isn't happy that you didn't pick her but they're identical twins so what difference will it really make. As you tumble into Brooke's hands you hear Ellie say, "Too bad you didn't pick me. I'm the nice one."

Before you get to ask anything, Brooke is carrying you away to what you soon discover is her bedroom. Brooke drops you on the bed and you recover to see her seductively stripping for you. "Wow, this is looking up", you think as she is soon down to her satin bra and panties. She drops to her knees at the edge of the bed and brings her face close to you. "Enjoying the view?", she asks with her sweet breath in your face. You nod weakly and she continues, "Well, don't you know it's bad form to leave your clothes on when I girl strips for you. Now take them off."

You realize she's right and you respond striping down quickly to nothing but your underpants. She giggles at you, "You're even cuter naked" and she gives you a poke knocking you down. She picks you up by the feet and dangles you in the air as she gets up off the floor and sits down on the center of the bed. She brings up up to her lips and kisses you across the face followed by lowering you down to her bra. "Grab on", she tells you and you comply just wanting to steady yourself. She slowly repositions you so you are hanging from the top of her bra in between her ample breasts. You're not sure how long you can hold on but she doesn't seem to care as she looks down and coos at how sweet you look there.

You can't hold on for long and you fall tumbling off her stomach and down to the bed. She is sitting cross legged on the bed and you look up to see you are in her lap between her legs without an escape route. She smiles down at you, "Take those briefs off", she orders, "I want to see all of you and I'll show you more of me." You quickly comply and she tells you to hand them to her which you do. She carelessly throws them off the side of the bed. "You won't need those when you have me." and she leans back and unhooks her bra exposing her gigantic (especially to you) breasts. "You like?", she asks, "Then climb up and give them a kiss".

You grab at her panties to try and pull yourself up but it's too steep no matter how hard you try. Then you try the approach on climbing up her foot and walking along her leg to her stomach which only gets you so far as her breasts are still out of reach. She eventually gets tired of your antics and says, "Guess you'll have to try harder next time." and she gives you a little shove back into her lap.

"My sister and I have a special relationship", she tells you, "I'm not sure how you will fit into that relationship but it will be up to you to fit in and not annoy me. Because if it doesn't work out.... well let's just say my boss at work is pretty wealthy. He's always looking for unique presents for his 7 year old daughter and I'm sure she's love a little doll like you."

"Please don't do that. I can make this work. Please", you beg her. She smiles down at you knowing who is clearly in control.

"Just remember who's number 1 in this house. Me and you'll see that soon enough."

She then decides it's time ...

Your choices:

  1. to take a shower
  2. to show off her domination of you to Ellie

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