More Time with Ellie

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By: northgate

Ellie complains to Brooke that she interrupted her time with you and she's owed more time. Brooke gives in more easily than you expected and leaves after saying, "We'll have our time together soon enough, tiny".

As soon as she leaves Ellie closes the door behind her and jumps back on the bed sending you flying in the air and back down on to the bed. "You tickled my feet", she tells you and I only think it is fair that I give you some of the same" She picks you up in her fist pinning your arms to the side and uses a feather that she has in a vase on her dresser to tickle the bottom of your feet driving you crazy laughing and squirming in her fist.

"Ohhh, you're a ticklish one", she laughs as she keeps it up until you as crying. She opens her fist and sits on the edge of the beg watching you sprawled out on your back in her palm. Her other hand swoops in and she runs her index fingernail down the length of your body. You shake when she gets to your stomach and she know she found another spot to play with. Her thumb swings over to pin you to her palm while she tickles your stomach.

When she's finally tired of this game she drops you to the bed and lies down next to you. She pulls you close to her and against her breast and you can feel the warmth through the thin cotton t-shirt. "So little guy", she asks you, "Do you want to hang with me some more or go see what my sister is up to?"

You decide to

Your choices:

  1. stick with Ellie
  2. time to go visit with Brooke

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