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By: northgate

You're already in Ellie's hand and decide to pick her. You say, "Ellie" and she closes her hand around you and jumps up and down excited by your choice. She immediately takes you to her bedroom lying you down on her pillow on the bed. She lies down on her stomach with her face right in front of you. She licks her lips and smiles at you showing her pearly whites directly in front of you making you a bit uneasy.

"So will you strip for me or do I need to bite those clothes off of you?", she asks sweetly. Those teeth makes up your mind and you immediately start striping without saying a word. She smiles widely, "That is so cute. Now take them all off and I'll give you a big kiss". You finish and she takes the clothes and throws them off the bed to the floor below. "Yummy", she says as she swoops in closer and her tongue darts out and licks your body knocking you onto your back. Her lips come down and cover you giving you a big wet kiss. As she kisses you her tongue comes out and continued to probe your body. When she finishes she get up and removes her top and bra exposing her gigantic tits. She picks you up and rolls onto her back and sets you on her nipple which you start kissing to reciprocate for her treatment. She moans at your kiss and her finger comes up and strokes your back with her fingertip.

"Wow", is all you can think. You've been through hell with all the girls you encountered so far and finally you atre with a gorgous girl who does n't want to torture you. Ellie rolls on her side and you roll off onto the bed. She gets up and stands in front of you are she lowers her shorts and stands before you nude smiling with a big goofy smile.

Just then there is a knock at the door and Brooke comes in. She is barefoot and wearing a silky robe. You think she is naked underneath the robe but you aren't sure. She stands next to her sister smiling down at you. You stare up back up dreamily at these two gorgeous twins. A moment ago you didn't think it could get better and now it is even better.

Brooke says, "Want to give me a kiss too little guy?" You nod your head enthusiastically up and down ready for Ellie's sister. She smiles at your response and says, "My sister may let you start at the top but with me you need to start at the bottom and work up. She lifts her foot up and places it on the bed in front of you. She wiggles her toes and says with a laugh, "Now I want kisses for all my toes and you can lick between them too," You start to object but her foot comes down on top of you squishing you into the bed. "Don't make me ask again. I won't be as nice".

You take the hint and start kissing and licking. You pause for a moment and look up to see the sisters embracing in a deep long kiss. "What is going on here?" you think to yourself. You finish but instead of a break they both climb in bed with you and continue making out while you are forced to repeat the treatment not only on Brooke's other foot. When you finished, Brooke instructs you to do it again this time on Ellie. You start but she is really ticklish in her feet and she starts to kick you involuntarily sending you flying across the bed.

"Now Ellie", Brooke tells her as she repositions her by rolling her on her stomach and sitting on top of her, "You have to let our little pet worship your feet so he know where he belongs. She places you on the exposed soles of her sister's feet and makes you repeat the performance even while her sister writhes around being driven crazy by the kisses on her sensitive spots.

When the treatment finally ends, they decide you should ....

Your choices:

  1. Have more fun with Ellie and Brooke together
  2. Have some more time with just Ellie

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