Liz Returns with a Pair of Twins...

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By: northgate

You hear a noise and see Liz has returned home with two other girls. You look at these two girls and see they are identical twins. They both have a nice tan and long straight jet black hair. They both are wearing short sexy dresses. One of them asks Liz, "OK so where is this little guy"

"Calm down, Ellie", Liz replies as she walks over to your glass cage and looks in at you. "Hi little guy", she says to you, "I brought some friends over from down the street to meet you."

She backs up to let the twins look in at you their green eyes open wide in amazement. "He's so tiny", one of them say, "and he's absolutely adorable. Can we play with him?"

Liz looks at them, "Sorry girls, strict orders from my sister. He's not allowed out."

They continue to look at you making kisses in your direction and smiling at you fascinated at your small stature. One of the girls looks up at Liz, "I have an idea. We'll buy him from you. Interested?" Her sister looks up too. "I'd be into that. What do you think?"

Liz tells them, "I can't sell him. He doesn't belong to me and my sisters would kill me."

The second girl tells her, "I have an idea that will work for all of us. We'll pay you and we'll make it look like he escaped. You go out and make sure you don't come back before your sister. Nice and easy."

Liz thinks it over for a minute, "How much as you talking about and it better be good."

The two sisters confer for a couple minutes discussing their finances and finally turn back to Liz. "We'll give you $300 cash but that's as high as we can go."

Liz says, "OK, Let's do it quick before my Joanne shows up." She slides the lid aside and lift you out in her fist. She smiles at you, "We could have had a lot of fun together but I know my sisters would never let me do the things I wanted to do to you. Too bad but at least this way I'll make a few bucks off of you."

Meanwhile, the twins stage a feasible escape scene. The idea is that you piles up the things in the case to reach and slide the lid enough for you to fit through. They make it look like you used the sweat sock to catch a top corner of the case so you can climb down the other side. They arranged things to make it look like you could get down off the table to the floor. That was enough to make a convincing escape scene.

All three girls leave the house and go down the street to the twins house about a block away. Liz puts you down on the kitchen table as she retrieves a soda from the fridge and sits down at a chair in front of you. "I'm going to miss you. Maybe they'll let me come by and visit you.", she says, "Don't worry little guy, these girls are cool. They may be a little kinky but they're cool. You'll be better with them than my sisters. They would have kept you locked up all the time and Joanne is so anal she wouldn't let anybody have any fun."

Just then the twins come back with $300 in cash for Liz. They hand her the money and shake her hand. "Remember, you can't talk about this to anyone. If your sisters find out we are all in a world of trouble. Don't wave that cash around either. It'll raise suspicion. Now go over a friend's house for a few hours. You'll need an alibi just in case".

Liz puts the money away and throws you a kiss as she leaves. As she leaves, the twins turn their attention to you and pull up chairs to sit down in front of you. "Hi there", the first girl says to you. "I guess it is time for introductions. I'm Ellie and this is my sister Brooke. We never did get your name."

You think this may be OK and you say, "My name is Joe. Thanks for rescuing me. I appreciate it.", hoping to set the right tone with these two beauties.

They both giggle at you remark. Brooke picks you up between her finger tips raising you closer to her face. "You've got it wrong little Joey. We didn't rescue you. We bought you. You are going to be our little pet." She blows a kiss at you before dropping you into the waiting hands of her sister.

Now Ellie eyes you up in the palm of her hands and says, "Tell you what cutie. We'll let you pick who you want to play with first. So what do you think?"

Your choices:

  1. Choose Ellie - You are already in the palm of her hand
  2. Choose Brooke - Her kiss smelled really sweet

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