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By: northgate

Liz comes in the house and kicks off her shoes and drops her bag and seeing the house is empty calls for her sister. S finds a note explaining where she went a smiles creeps across her face. She makes a beeline right for you and looks in at you saying, "Hi there little guy. Would you like to come out and play?" She giggles without waiting for your response and continues, "Of course you would.: She lifts of the lid and her hand swoops in and picks you up between her fingers. She toys with you in her open palm running her index finger down the length of your body. You squirm in her hand and she smiles at you and closes her fist on you. She bends down and drops you onto the floor in front of her and stands back to her full height. She looks down at you and says, "Do I scare you?"

You stand thee unsure how to respond. She is a high school senior in a sexy cheerleader outfit but she's more than a dozen times your size and you have no idea what she might do.

She swings her foot forward and her toe collides into you knock you to your back. Her foot hoovers over you. "It's impolite not to answer me", she tells you, "I might lose my balance waiting for you and accidentally step on you. It's a good thing I have excellent balance. Now answer me."

"Yes, you scare me", you tell her knowing its the truth.

"Good", she replies, "That will work for your first game called Kitty and the Mouse." She gets down on all fours and meows at you. "I'm the Kitty which means you are the mouse, so you better run and hide or I might catch you and eat you."

She meows again while you take the hint and start running heading for a large cabinet with a tight space under it where she won't be able to reach you. You get about half way there and she starts moving forward on all fours continuing to meow at you. You are almost at the cabinet and her hand comes out and swats at you send you sprawling across the floor. You get up and run away from her but she moves over to you and starts batting you back and forth between her hands like you were cat paws. She gets down low to the ground and hold you between her palms and lets out a meow and gives you a long lick with her tongue.

"You taste good", she tells you breaking character to your relief and carrying you into the kitchen where she takes out a bowl for cereal or soup and drops you in. "I think it's time for a snack", she tells you and goes to the fridge to get a big bottle of chocolate syrup. She turns it upside down and squirts it all over you drenching you in chocolate syrup. ""Yummy!", she says as she picks you up out of the bowl and starts lick the chocolate off of you. She then dangles you upside down by the feet and lowers you in her mouth past your waist to suck on you like a piece of candy. When she finishes licking you clean, she puts you back on the table and takes a bit of chocolate on her finger tip and holds it for you to lick it off. You begrudgingly comply not wanting to piss her off and just survive this game.

Just then you both hear the front door open and it is Joanne who comes in the kitchen and sees the two of you and

Your choices:

  1. is angry and takes you backj
  2. decides to let Liz have her fun.

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