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By: northgate

Joanne comes back a couple hours later with Kelli's other sister Liz. You figure Joanne is the oldest with Kelli in college in the middle and Liz a high school senior the youngest. She has straight blond hair in a ponytail and a cheerleader outfit on with you find a turn-on. They approach the glass case and look in at you. "I was sure Kelli was screwing with us when she told you she had a little man. He is so cool looking.", she tells Joanne, "Let take him out and play with him."

"No", Joanne barks at her, "I told Kelli I'd keep him put away and safe until she comes home next week. I promised her."

Liz looks a little peeved at being told no by her sister. She turns to you and taps on the glass. "Hey there, little guy. I bet you'd like to come out and play with me, wouldn't you?"

You stand up and walk over to the glass and look back at her as she smiles at you. You watch as she slowly licks her lips with her tongue seductively. She then slowly moved in close and puts her lips on the glass wall leaving you a kiss on the glass.

This girl is smoking hot and she knows it. You approach her kiss mark on the glass wall and rub your hand over it to show her a sign.

"Look, the little guy likes it", she tells her sister who says, "Come on. You'll be late for cheerleading practice this afternoon. Liz stands up straight and says, Damn, I was just getting started and I have to go. Oh, well little guy maybe when Kelli gets home we can all play a game together."

She gets her stuff together and there is a horn blowing and she says, "Got to go", and bolts out the door.

You are left with Joanne, who cleans the kiss off the glass and gives you a few more supplies before the phone rings. She is distracted by the phone and she ignores you until she hangs up. She comes over and looks down at you. I need to go out and help out a friend who is having car problems. Now you be a good little boy and not cause any trouble.", she tells you.

You eat a little something from the supplies she brought and then lay down on what looks like a sleeping bag but you quickly realize it is n a small girls sweat sock. A few hours go by and you finally here a noise and you look up to see it is Liz....

Your choices:

  1. by herself
  2. with two older girls from across the street and their twins !

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