Joanne's House

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By: northgate

You are in the jacket pocket on the seat of the car for a few hours and you have no idea what this escape that the sorority pledge Kelli planned. You finally arrive your destination and the jacket is carried inside with you still in it and placed on the table. The pocket is unzipped and you hear a voice say, "You can come out now"

You aren't sure what is happening or what to expect but you move toward the opening and climb out. There you see you are on a large table and there is a woman in her mid-twenties sitting nearby watching you. You stand up and turn toward her. "Hello my name is Joe and I..."

But she cuts you off like what you say doesn't matter. "Well I'll be damned", she says, "Kelli was telling the truth. Sorry little guy but you'll be here with just Liz and I until Kelli gets back here next weekend. It's here Spring Break and then she'll be staying here. As for you..." and with that comment she lifted you up and carries you over to the kitchen counter where you see she is taking you to a empty glass aquarium.

You try to protest but she ignores you and carefully puts you inside. The only thing inside is a water bottle attached to the side. She places a screen cover on top but it doesn't matter because the roof is far out of your reach.

She smiles in at you and says, "Don't worry. I'll get you the rest of what you need by tomorrow and later tonight you can meet Liz too. She walks off continuing to ignore your pleas and you sink to the plastic floor of this cage and wait. your captors return. You think just when it couldn't get worse it did again.

Your choices:

  1. Joanne returns twith supplies and to talk
  2. Joannes returns with Liz

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