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By: northgate

You decide that hiding in the bathroom will never get you anywhere and you need to escape. You decide to leave the safety of your hiding place and get out of here one way or another. The bathroom is presently empty so you make your move and maneuver back to the door and climb through the vent. This time you decide to explore down the opposite end of the hallway from where you went last time.

You are walking down the side of the hall when you suddenly hear a noise as one of the doors open and you see Lori's roommate Kelli come out the door and turn in your direction. "Shit!", you think and immediately turn and strat running in the opposite direction from her to get away. Unfortunately, she is still thinking about your escape and is scanning the floor for you. You don't get to far before she scoops you up into the palm of her hand.

"Put me down you", you yell, "I am not going back to that sorority and doing anything you say. I don't care what you do to me."

"Shhhh", she says, "Be quiet. I'm not taking you back there. Be quiet and I'll help you get away from them."

You are confused by her comments as she takes you back into her room. Apparently, Lori isn't there and she sits on the bed and holds you up. "Listen we don't have much time before Lori is back to look for you some more. I will help you get away from here but you need to stay hidden and quiet until tomorrow. I will take care of everything." She carries you over to her closet and zips over a pocket of a jacket hanging up in the closet and slips you in then she goes to her desk and comes back with a Cereal bar. "This should help if you are hungry in the meantime. ", she tells you as she zips up the pocket leaving you in dark.

You lay suspended in the nylon pocket lining of her jacket which is surprisingly comfortable and feels like a hammock. You nibble at the cereal bar to fill your stomach and reflex. You think maybe your luck is changing as Kelli claims to be helping you. If she was just going to give you to Lori or back to the sorority then why would she lie to you? Why would she hide you and give you food? You wonder what is happening tomorrow that you need to stay hidden. Time passes as you lie there. You hear noises in the room but there isn't any talking so you don't know who is there or what is happening.

Kelli checks on you at night and brings you something to drink. She tells you hat Lori i sin trouble for losing you and things are pretty hot but tomorrow morning she has a plan to get you out of there and away from Lori, Audrey and the sorority. You just need to be patient. You thank her for helping you and she smiles and says, "You're welcome" as she zips you back up. You here Lori come back and voices for a while but you can't make everything out but there appears to be a lot of trouble. Eventually everything gets quiet and you nod off to sleep.

You are awaken in the morning by more voices and things moving but it appears your resting place going to be undisturbed but then you feel someone moving the jacket and you feel motion like you are being carried somewhere. A few moments later you detect that you are outside and then you hear Kelli's voice. "In this jacket is the most precious cargo. You need to be very careful about this.", she says and unzips the pocket you are in. Her had reaches in and gently extracts you and she shows you to a new girl who you would estimate to be in her mid-twenties, long brunette hair, a nice tan completion and a warm smile. "Joe, this is my sister Joanne. She is going to help you until I can join you next week."

You can see you are in the front seat of the car with the two girls. Kelli gives you a kiss on the head and puts you back in the pocket and zips you back up. You are wondering all kinds of questions but in looks like you won't be getting answers yet. Kelli lays the jacket on the front seat and says good-bye to her sister and is gone.

Well you got your wish to get away from the dorm and the sorority but you are unsure about the situation you may have jumped into however for now things seem okay.

Your choices:

  1. Arrive at Joanne's apartment

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