Patience is a Virtue... And Tiredness is a Fact.

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By: derekthedalek

Despite your paniced state you manage to regain your decorum and rationally pick the best course of action. Running now would be rather risky - better to make yourself as incogneato as possible.

With swiftness of thought you press yourself hard against the back of the toilet base and attempt to make youself as small and motionless as possible. This way her eyes won't be drawn to any movement - after all, it's not like most of the girls are actively aware you even exist, so you doubt someone would be drawn to look in your direction save out of curiousity at some movement.

Your plan appears to work - your head is covered by your arms to avoid something familar like a head being visible, so you can't actually see your loo visitor, but you hear the mighty roar of the toilet and the thud of departing shoes ahead of the base where you reside. Risking a slight peek you see the girl has moved away to the wash basin, the toilet door part ajar.

Some might elect to get back up but you aren't a fool and wait as more girls come into and out of the bathrooms, the morning risers now in clear swing. At least half a dozen more girls come in and out of the toilet area you reside in, and each time you remain perfectly still as you can from your relatively concealed vantage point. Eventually though the women get less frequent and baring one late riser you eventually find the place quiet.

You move out of your position, stretch your tired limbs and gaze irritably about the place. All this hiding and froing about is taking it's strain and you still have yet to get some food or more importantly water. Resolving to retify the latter issue of dehydration you risk heading out into the main area. Water is easy enough to get here - just that most options aren't clear. You're certainly not drinking any toilet water and shower water will be rather soapy, so this leaves the couple of wash basins which unfortunately, you'll have to climb somehow.

Fate provides yourself with a way up though - the side of the walls is made from worn tiles and with some effort you are able to use the cracks to clamber up painfully to the nearest water source. After several hours of no water you are parched and you lap up some enlarged droplets of water and regain some of your strength and wits.

From here you ponder mournfully your fate - you have no idea where this stupid girl clan resides, the downstairs door is all but impossible to breach and you're getting the impression that none of these girls might prove trustworthy enough to treat you with the dignity you should be getting. Long term your goals seem impossible - at the size of four inches you must somehow figure out where the heck in the world you are, how to get back home and most importantly to find the means to get back to full size - possibly with or without that scheming Jasmine. Otherwise the alternative is to accept fate and locate some nice girl here - hoping that they might help you or at least protect and treat your right here, or reside to being some college gilago for the rest of your days.

It's time to make up your mind once and for all. Will you resolve to escape and undo your predicament whatever the hurdles or risks, or choice the safer if possibly more humbling existence amid the women here?

Your choices:

  1. Never Give In! Escape and get your life back!
  2. Accept the lot here. Try and find some nice girl first.

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