The Bathroom and Vent Opening?

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By: northgate

You elect to hide in the bathroom and climb through the door vent. You are pleasantly surprised to see the lights are on and the place isn't too bad as far as cleanliness. The university staff must have recently cleaned it. You look around and see immediately to your right is a row of toilet stalls. Across the way is a row of sinks and further beyond that and deeper into the room are showers.

You contemplate what would be the best hiding place. The showers probably would provide you good coverage and you could hide under a sink but you'd still be in plan sight. The toilets provide more of a hiding place but the idea is not pleasant to you. You could also go in further and see if there are other hiding places past the showers. You are thinking it over when you hear a noise. It is two girls walking down the hall quietly chatting about going somewhere early. You don't have much time so you opt for the toilet stall as your hiding place. You go in a back to the second stall in just to be a bit further from the door and you hide between the toilet base and the wall.

The two girls head for the showers and you have a moment of relief to relax. Your mind wanders wondering if you could sneak a peek of these two naked giantess showering but then you come to your sense and know that wouldn't be a good idea. Then a third girl comes through the door and you think it must be a later hour than you originally thought.

You really start to worry when you see a pair of sweatpants and flip-flops stop in front of your stall and open the door. She drops her sweats and sits down and you really start to worry as she lets go a torrent of pee into the bowl. You know you only have a moment before she stands up to flush. There is a good chance she will see you when she turns around and you start to weight your options.

Do you make a break for it and run while you still have a chance to get away or do you hold your ground and hope she doesn't spot you?

Your choices:

  1. Run like hell now !
  2. Stay calm and put

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