Search For A Good Spot to Hide

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By: derekthedalek

You shake your head at the thought of hiding in the corner - it's too much in plain sight of some liablely pesky college girls, and more to the point you might only have a couple of seconds to move from the corner to the door, during which time you'd be very much exposed. And unlike the room door, this doesn't have a gap at the bottom big enough to squeeze through. As much as you hate to have to climb back up into the face of danger you also have to remember that with Lori and co you're dealing with brainy adversaries who might likely figure out that with escape your first attempt will almost certainly be the front door. No, you need to find a better means of escape, more subtle - or alternatively, figure a means of getting out in a way that wouldn't occur to them. Hopefully.

Though pretty beat from all your hard labours you press up and over the railings to return yourself to the second floor. You haven't any means of keeping time but you know it's at least two hours or so since you left Lori's room. If you're correct it should still be the dead of night and encounters should be unlikely. You manage to reach the rooms and bathroom and elect to keep a wide berth of Lori's room down the hall. You figure that you have two options - one being to try that bathroom vent; it's not a likely place for them to look though it's going to be pretty dark and probably slimey, but on the positive side all vents have to lead somewhere and you might have an unlikely exit on your hands.

An alternative but equally unpleasant option for escape has entered your mind - all of these rooms will likely be inhabited, and thus lived in rooms will have some waste basket. You figure that you could enter the closest door, locate the thing and crawl inside, probably putting yourself towards the bottom of the waste so as to avoid being seen in case of a search. It's not particularly dignified you'll admit and you could be rather uncomfortable and dirty with goodness knows what waste on top of you... but one slight plus is you might find something just about edible to cure your food issues.

You elect to try one plan out now whilst you still have a few hours of girl sleeping availiable to you. But which to take?

Your choices:

  1. The Bathroom and Vent Opening?
  2. Inside the nearest room and into a Waste Bin?

Retrieved September 13, 2016