Make a break for it whilst you can

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By: hurtonburton2

You have no choice. You have to escape.

You clamber out of the bra and walk to the edge of the dresser. You realise there is just a small enough gap for you to leap from the dresser to your owner's bed and, half way down there, there is a pile of discarded clothes you can leap down onto. You follow through this plan. As you creep past your owner's sleeping body you are terrified she will wake up - or worse still suddenly kick out in her sleep - but you get past without her doing anything of the sort.

You lower yourself down from the bed and drop down onto the discarded maid's uniform.

You then creep across the room - terrified she will wake any moment - and slip under her door. As you do so you feel strangely sad that you will never see her again. Part of you wants to go back but, if you do, you'll stay for her ever. So you must go on.

Not from her room are a set of stairs. You lower yourself down one-by-one. Even the first stair takes over twenty minutes. With twenty stairs to get through, it is over six hours before you find yourself two steps from the bottom. The morning light is creeping in.

Suddenly you hear footsteps reach the top of the stairs and start to walk down.

You press yourself up against the wall and hope whoever it is won't spot you. Eventually a pair of white fluffy slippers appear, giving way to shapely legs which themselves disappear into a fluffy white dressing gown.

You hope this woman will walk past but instead she stops above and you realise she is staring right down at you. She bends down and grabs you. Her grip feels familiar and, when she lifts you to her face, you realise why she spotted you so easily. Because you were exactly what she was looking for. You are back in the maid's possession.

She looks somewhere between angry and relieved. She admonishes you in Spanish before cuddling you against her and bursting into tears of joy and relief.

You find yourself carried back all the way you came. The six-hour journey down the stairs takes mere moments for her to accomplish in reverse.

She carries you back into the room, blows you a kiss and then slips you into the top drawer of her dresser before closing it securely. You realise that that's your escape chance gone. You settle in amongst her underwear and drift off back to sleep.

Barely an hour later, morning arrives and your captress opens the drawer to lift you out. As she lifts you to her face she smiles at you and you realise all is forgiven from the night before. You also realise now you really are her pet and it's highly unlikely you'll ever see freedom again.

Your choices:

  1. She takes you to the bathroom to share a shower with you
  2. She takes you to the bathroom to bathe you in the sink

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