leash - it's time for walkies...

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By: hurtonburton2

The maid comes back carrying a long length of pink ribbon which she proceeds to tie around your neck and shoulders as a harness. As she does so, you want to protest and escape but you find yourself positioned directly at the point where her stunning, shapely thighs disappear in to her short black maid's skirt and you are so entranced by the beauty of your captress that you find yourself to be utterly helpless in her power.

Once she finishes securing the ribbon she gently picks you up and sets you on the floor in between her high heeled black shoes. You stare up at her as she stands up, leaving you simply with a view of her long legs. She gently pulls on the ribbon and proceeds to walk around the room, walking you behind her as if you were a puppy. She is of course taller, stronger, faster and much more powerful than you and you have to frantically trot to keep up. This continues for ten minutes until she is going so much faster than you that her leg accidentally becomes entangled in your makeshift leash, thus jerking you forward rapidly and leaving you dangling from a ribbon now wrapped round her leg.

She frees you and lifts you up to her face, chuckling to herself. She gives you a gentle peck and then sits down on the bed and turns on a Spanish-language TV station. She sets you in her lap and strokes you with her finger from your head down to your thighs, whilst chattering away to you in Spanish. You don't know what she is saying but you know that this feels like utter Heaven and you absolutely love it.

Eventually it is getting late she stands up, sets you on her dresser and strips out of her maid's uniform to reveal a matching light orange undershirt and pair of underwear. She then reaches into the drawer and pulls out a bra and places it on the dresser, setting you in one of the cups as a makeshift bed. She then places a rolled up sock under your head as a pillow and a pair of underwear over you as a duvet. She blows you a kiss then turns off the light and goes to bed. She clearly thinks the dresser is too high for you to climb down as she does nothing to prevent you from escaping.

You lie their in her clothes, finding yourself intoxicated by her scent. It suddenly occurs to you, to your terror, that you are enjoying this and a part of you wants to settle for a life as the pet of your gorgeous new owner. You shudder as you think this as realise you've already accepted her in your mind as your owner. Deep down you know that a day or two more of this and you'll lose all will to escape. If this isn't the life you want then it's now or never to escape.

Your choices:

  1. Make a break for it whilst you can
  2. Settle for the life of a pet

Retrieved September 13, 2016