She goes and joins the blonde and her friends.

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By: hurtonburton2

Your owner has something of a spring in her step as she walks across the beach, and this causes you to bounce up and down in the pouch. Your titanic captress moans softly at the sensation.

She walks over to a spot where the blonde is sat with some friends. She crouches down and whispers something in the blonde's ear. You obviously don't know what it is but the blonde stands and starts to walk with her across the beach. As they walk, your owner's hand sweeps you out of the pouch again and you are deposited into the blonde's hand who strokes and pets you some more.

Eventually the two sit back down on the beach together, your owner placing her bag of clothes on the floor. As the blonde runs her fingers up and down your back, the two of them talk and, after a while, your owner asks the blonde a question. Given that she hands over a bottle of suncream almost twice your size at the same time, you realise she is asking the blonde to apply it to her. The blonde gently puts you down on the floor whilst your owner lies down on her front. The blonde starts to rub sun tan lotion all over your owner's back, shoulders and - to your surprise - her buttocks and hamstrings too. You are transfixed by this sight until eventually you realise you are missing a chance to run. You dart away, intending to escape for freedom, but clearly your owner is watching you like a hawk as she merely giggles, lazily stretches out an arm and sweeps you up before pulling you toward her and admonishing you gently.

She plays you for a while before handing you back to the blonde and, for the next hour or so, the two periodically pass you back and forth to play with as they continue their conversation. You can tell the two are getting closer and closer but still you are surprised at the familiarity with which the blonde places you back in your pouch - which, of course, is situated next to your owner's groin. You are even more surprised when your owner responds by leaning in to the blonde for a passionate kiss. You stare up at the two gorgeous women kissing above you - from the way they look at each other, it looks for all the world like they are in love.

They sit together for hours petting each other - and now largely ignoring you - until eventually both stand up and prepare to get dressed and make a move.

Your choices:

  1. They are going to a restaurant together.
  2. They are going back to your owner's hotel room.

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