Afternoon on the beach

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By: hurtonburton2

Your gigantic owner sits herself down on the beach and stretches out. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of suntan cream and you watch as her hands apply it, first of all above you and then reach down past you to rub the white cream into her beautiful thighs and long, long, long legs.

Then she removes you from your pouch and rolls onto her back. She squeezes more cream onto the hand you are on and - with you still in her hand - she rubs it up down the bottom of her legs. It is quite dizzying and you are quickly coated in cream. Then she squeezes a dollop of cream onto her back. She brings you up to her face and whispers an instruction which, although you don't actually understand it, seems to mean she wants you to apply the suntan cream to her back.

She then she rolls back onto her front, slips you back into the pouch and lazes in the sun reading a book.

You're a bit worried as you're quite exposed and anyone walking by can see you. Sure enough, before long, two girls in string bikinis around about your owners age come by. They spot you and your owner notices them staring. She picks you up in her hands and, after a conversation, shows you to them. One is a cute blonde, the other one a sumptuous brunette beauty. They both take a turn at petting you and then hand you back to your owner.

Over the course of the afternoon, several people go by and your owner seems perfectly happy to trust people to see and play with you. And the trust seems to pay off as they all hand you back to your owner afterwards. You feel humiliated about being passed back and forward like a toy but, of course, you don't really get a say in it all anyway.

At the end of the afternoon

Your choices:

  1. Your owner takes you back home
  2. Your owner takes you a party to show you off there too

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