by going to buy an ice cream.

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By: hurtonburton2

From your new perspective attached to her bikini bottoms - (you got confused in the last chapter and it was the bottoms she attached the harness to and definitely not the top!) - you float through the crowds as your owner walks to join an ice cream queue. Occasionally you glance down to stare at the gorgeous long legs beneath you, occasionally up at the gigantic mounds of her chest above you and occasionally forward to watch other people on the beach.

Once in the queue, your owner stands behind a young woman who you'd guess to be around twenty who is blonde and wearing a thong bikini. From your vantage you have an incredible view of her incredible derriere and can't help staring at her. Perhaps sensing she is being stared at, she suddenly she turns round and appraises the woman behind her in the queue. You cower at the sight of her magnificent form above you and she spots the sudden movement and glances down at where you are attached next to your owner's groin. You catch sight of her face and it's every bit as beautiful as you'd imagined. She is not quite as attractive as your current owner - to be honest, you've never met anyone who is, but she runs it pretty close.

She strikes up a conversation with your owner - who appears to be making no attempt at hiding you. You don't understand a word of it but it seems friendly and your owner reaches down, plucks you from your pouch and places you into the hands of this beautiful new titaness who who tickles and pets you as they talk. It's utterly heavenly. Eventually it's the blonde girl's turn to be served for ice cream. She places you back into the hands of your owner, who slip you back into the pouch and you admire the blonde's rear as she chooses an ice cream cone which is several times larger than yourself. She crouches down to you and - it seems - says her goodbyes before saying goodbye to your owner and heading off with the cone.

Now it's time for your owner to buy an equally gigantic cone, which she does and then walks away licking it miles above you. A gloop of ice cream falls off and covers you which amuses your owner no end. Once she finishes her ice cream she pucks you out of the couch again and lifts you up to her gigantic lips. Her tongue snakes out and licks the ice cream off you. Then she opens her mouth wide and pops you in to lick you clean some more. You roll around her mouth a few times before she lifts you out and giggles at how wet you are.

Then she drops you back into the pouch and starts walking again.

Your choices:

  1. She finds a client secluded spot to enjoy you to herself.
  2. She goes and joins the blonde and her friends.

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