the beach

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By: hurtonburton2

You see sand beneath her feet and you realise you are on a busy beach.

She walks past sunbathers and bikini-clad beauties and eventually finds a spot to stop and place her bag on the floor. She then reaches down under her skirt and grabs you. It is at this point you learn that she has sewn the underwear pocket onto her tights in a way that is easy to remove. She lifts you, still in your harness, holds you up to her face to whisper to you and then places you at her feet.

You stare up at the gorgeous titaness as she removes her top to remove her bikini top underneath. As she removes her shoes and prepares to take the tights off, you realise this may be your chance to escape. You scramble to your feet only for her toe to stretch forward and know you down again. She giggles as she does so. You struggle to your feet again - only to get knocked down a second time. You realise it is pointless to try a third time so instead you watch her remove her tights and skirt. You realise it is a bikini bottom, and not underwear, she has on underneath.

She lifts you up and attaches your harness to the front of her bikini top so you are sat with your back pressed against her womanhood thorugh the bikini bottoms. She then prepares to enjoy the beach

Your choices:

  1. by making you apply suntan cream
  2. by going to buy an ice cream.

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