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By: northgate

You agree to Samantha's terms to do whatever she wants for as long as she wants and when she is ready she'll return you home. She sets you down on the table and starts speaking to her friend in Portuguese. You can't understand a word but you can see from the look on Maria's face she isn't happy. After a long conversation, Maria picks you up and talks to you followed by giving you a kiss and handing you over to Samantha.

Samantha tells you, "I told her you are a real person that was shrunk in a accident and I have to take you back to the U.S. to be restored to normal. I didn't bother with all of our terms and conditions. It's best she doesn't know."

"What did she tell me?", you ask Samantha.

"Oh, she told you to come back and visit her when you get back to normal", she replies. "She may be waiting a long time", she adds with a smile as she drops you in her bag and zips it shut trapping you inside wondering it your choice was a good idea.

It's hours later when Samantha takes you out and you are in a small bedroom. Samantha is sitting on her bed and holding you in her fist. "I guess I should fill you in on some details.", she tells you, "I'm originally from California but my Dad got transferred for work down here a few years back but lately I've been going to college in the U.S. I was just home for the holidays. I leave to go back to school tomorrow and if all goes according to plan you'll be coming with me. Oh yes, I forgot to mention one little detail. I go to an all girls college and they are strict about boys on campus which is where you come in, shorty. My roommate, Tomi, is going to freak when she sees you."

She opens her underwear drawer and puts you inside on top on a pile of cotton briefs. "Now you stay there and behave and soon we will be on our way to the U.S.A. And I suggest you don't try and escape my room. My mom and little sister are home and if they find you you'll be a lot worse. My mom will probably stomp on you like a bug. My little sister would probably add you to her doll collection unless of course you want to be Barbie's little brother", she says and she closes the drawer shut.

You look around and notice this is cheap furniture and you could climb out the back of the drawer and down to the next drawer and eventually to the floor but where would you go. You are worried about her warning with her mom and sister and you are still in Brazil and don't speak the language. You best bet is to stay with Samantha and hope she gets you to the U.S. Once you are there you can always escape. You decide to lie back and accept your fate.

The next morning you are awakened by the drawer opening and Samantha looking down at you with a smile. However you see next to her another girl you estimate to be about ten years old. This younger girl lunges forward and grabs you up roughly in her fist. "Oooo, he's so light", she tells her sister squeezing you.

"Put me down", you yell at her but she ignores you and open her fist and pins you down with her thumb across your chest. "Ha Ha", she laughs, his voice is so tiny and squeaky. He's so cute. He's make the perfect toy. Can I keep him? Pleaseeeeee", she continues without a pause.

Samantha takes you from her holding you firmly. "Someday", she tells her sister, "But first he is coming back to school with me to be my little live in boyfriend." She licks her lips and gives you a big seductive kiss across the face. "I'll tell you what", she continues, "When I get a real full sized boyfriend one that I want to be with long term and maybe even marry.... When I get that guy, you can have this little guy as your own pet."

"Oooooo, thanks sis. Then maybe I'll get to take him away to school with me." she replies still staring at you. "Hmm, I'm going to have to start working to find you a great guy starting today. I'm going to have to get you married off.", she laughs.

"Wait a minute", you say to Samantha, "You said that when you were done with me you'd take me home. I thought we had a deal.", you complain to her.

"Well I didn't say who's home, did I? I get it will be my home and it the loving care of my kid sister", she tells you giving you a squeeze and they both laugh at you and you already are stating to regret this decision. She turns to her sister and says, "I got to finish packing so I'll catch you later when I'm leaving." Her sister thanks her again and leaves the room and Samantha turns her attention to you. "Now how am I going to get you on plane?", she asks, I can't put you in checked luggage and they'll x-ray my carry-on. What will I do?", she continues to herself as she looks in a desk drawer.

"This may work", she says extracting a small black velvet bag from her drawer. "Let's see how this works", she says as she stuffs you in the bag. She drops some pieces of a cracker that are on her desk in the bag with you in case you get hungry and pulls the draw string tight trapping you inside. She ties the draw string to a long gold chain she is wearing and the bag is hanging wedged between her breasts with you trapped inside. She fixes her shirt and sees that it is undetectable. "Perfect and keep quiet in there unless you want to end up in a a government testing lab in Brazil. I'll get you out once we are on the plane", she tells you as she finishes packing.

About two hours later, she is saying her good byes to her family and takes a cab to the airport for her flight. You stay tucked away for the trip in your hot prison hoping that you make it back to the U.S. and then maybe you can make an escape from there.

Your choices:

  1. At the Airport with Samantha

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