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By: hurtonburton2

The more you look at Samantha, the more uneasy you feel. Yes, she is absurdly hot - though Maria is too - but there's something in the way she hungrily looks at you that you really do not trust. "As long as she wants" might mean the rest of her life and "whatever she wants" could get rather sadistic. On top of that there's the issue that, even if she did agree to help you, what would she do exactly? She'd get you back to the US but you don't know how to find the genie and get your size back to normal and, if she begins to suspect you can't change back, perhaps she'll use that as an excuse to keep you forever.

Meanwhile you know you can trust Maria to look after you and - who knows - perhaps the chance of escape will come at some point - and then you can find someone who can speak English who is actually willing to take care of you.

At the same time, you're terrified of breaking the news to Samantha. So, before you say anything, you edge yourself, back to Maria and nuzzle her fingers, which she takes as a cue to wrap them around you and lift you up. Only once you're safe in Maria's grasp to you look at Samantha and say "I'm sorry - I think I'm safer with Maria".

There's a quick moment when Samantha's mask drops and she looks at you with such contempt that you know you've made the right decision. But she quickly covers it up and smiles at Maria before saying something to her that you do not understand, as a result of which Maria, to your surprise, hands you over to Samantha.

Samantha lifts you up to her face, still wearing the smile to distract Maria, and starts to pet you as she hisses to you in a whisper. "Don't worry, I've only asked Maria if I can borrow you for a second - then you can go back to being your mistress' itty bitty lapdog. I've told her I was mistaken about you being able to speak and that you're obviously just a dumb little animal who doesn't know any better. I would have done things to you that you've never even dreamed of but she's just going to keep you in a cage and teach you puppy dog tricks. Enjoy the rest of your life, you fool." With that, she deposits you back in Maria's hands, smilingly says her goodbyes to Maria and heads off on her way.

You turn to look at Maria who smiles at you as if you were an infant and starts to baby-talk to you in Spanish. As she does so, she strokes you like a little kitten and you start to realise that this may be your reality for the rest of your life.

Eventually Maria slips you back into the pouch on her thigh and heads

Your choices:

  1. to the mall to do some shopping
  2. to the fitness club with a sauna, gym and swimming pool

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