Meet Her Friend at a Cafe

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By: northgate

She gets off the bus and heads to a small cafe and gets a secluded table for two. She reaches under her skirt to check on you and make sure you aren't getting loose. When the waitress comes over she orders and after a short time is joined by a friend. They are both speaking and you can't understand them but after a while she reaches down and extracts you depositing you on the table.

Her friend's eyes light up in delight at the sight of you and her hands sweeps down and grabs you up between her fingers. Her index finger of her other hand caresses you and you are helpless to stop her as she messes with your hair. They both giggle at your attempts to resist her.

"Please stop", you say, "Put me down, now.", hoping they'll leave you in peace for a minute,

This new brunette looks surprised. "You speak English?", she says. She looks at you and then your owner who just shrugs as if she had no idea that you could speak.

"Oh thank God", you say, "Thank you. I need your help. My name is Joe and I was shrunken and need to get back home. Your friend here thinks I am some kind of pet. Please help me."

She giggles at what you said and looks up to your owner and starts speaking to her largely ignoring you. You hope they are going to help you but from their expressions you doubt it. Finally they both look down at you and this new girl says, "Well Joe. First my name is Samantha and my friend here is Maria. Maria says she found you when she was working and thinks you are cute and wants to keep you as her pet. Now I go to school in the US and I might be able to help you get home."

"Really?!?", you reply, "That would be great. Thank you. This means a lot to me."

"Well, it isn't that simple.", she explains, "Maria speaks no English so she doesn't know what I am saying. She will never give you up but if you ask me I can help you escape from her. However, if I go to all that trouble and sneak you back to the U.S. then you will pledge to be my little lover boy. You will do whatever I want whenever I want for as long as I want without question. Only when I am done with you will I return you home. Do you agreed to my terms?", she asks you.

You look at Samantha and she is absolutely gorgeous but that what ever she wants for as long as she wants worries you. She might keep you for years and she might be pretty kinky. You look over to Maria who loves you and only is trying to keep you safe although being a pet in a cage for the rest of your life with no chance of escape isn't to appealing either.

You decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. Stay as Maria's pet.
  2. Be Samantha's lover

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