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By: hurtonburton2

As she opens the cage, you find it humiliating how easily she removes the clip that held you firm last night. Her hand snakes in towards you and you feel her fingers wrap around you and lift you out. She holds you up to her face, smiles and presses you against her lips then sets you down on the bed. You watch her walk away from you and bend down to get something out of her bottom drawer. As you do so, you admire her low-cut top and her long, long, long beautiful legs which disappear into a short denim skirt.

She returns carrying a pair of opaque black nylon tights, a pair of pink silk underwear and a sewing kit of needle and thread. She places these items on the bed and you shudder at how much damage the needle could do to you at your size.

She sits on the bed next to you, the force causing you to momentarily leap into the air. She sets you on her lap and begins to babble away to you again as she takes a pair of scissors and cuts the underwear and sews it into a pocket shape, which she then sews onto the tights.

Once finished she places you on the bed again and you get an amazing view of her legs as she pulls the tights up and over them and up around her waist. The silk pocket settles around the side of the thigh. She reaches down to lift you up and slips you into the silk pocket. Your legs slide out of two holes in the bottom and it comes up to your chest so it holds you firmly in place like a harness. It's a very snug fit and presses your back firmly against her thigh. Whilst this girl is toned and athletic rather than muscular, her thigh muscle is behemothic compared to you and the sensation of it pressing into your back makes you feel as tiny as you are. You realise that, if she pressed her legs together, she could accidentally crush you without even trying. This could scare you but luckily the scent of her on the underwear (and of course from being pressed right against her) calms and soothes you. Looking across you can see her other leg right opposite you, looking down you can see right the way down her leg to her shoes thirty feet or more below,and looking up, you can see her groin and - through the tights - a similar pair of pink underwear.

She reaches a finger down to stroke you and ensure you are in position and then she heads out occasionally whispering to you to try to soothe you.

As you are under her skirt, you can only see the floor beneath her and the area where she is just about to walk but you realise she has walked out of the hotel, down the road and onto a bus.

She sits on the bus and you find yourself tilted back onto your side from her changed angle. Eventually after twenty minutes she gets off the bus and heads towards

Your choices:

  1. a cafe to meet a friend
  2. the beach

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