The Maid and the Cage

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By: northgate

She returns to the bedroom carrying a small cage. She sits it down next to you and you want to run but she is too fast for you and grabs you up in her hand. She uses her free hand to open the hinged door and place you inside. The top and bottom are made of wood with metal bars on all four sides and the top has a carrying handle. You estimate the cage is about 12 inches by 12 inches and at least 18 inches tall and you guess this was made to house a parrot or some similar bird. There is a wooden swing hanging in the center that make you believe you are right.

She looks at you through the bars and smiles at you while babbling on in Spanish. You try to bend the bars but your efforts are futile and she laughs at you. She brings her hand up and her her finger can pass through the bars and give you a playful poke. You retreat to the back of the cage but she follows you pushing a finger through the bars to play on the different sides to play with you. Your only relief is to stand in the middle of the cage to avoid her probing fingers. However this tactic does work for long as she tips the cage forward sending you sliding into the front and her waiting fingers.

When she finally tires of this game and settles into watch you, you spot a wattle bottle clips on the outside with a spout that allows you to get a drink which is nice. You watch as she takes a small spring loaded clip and attach it to the cages door latch locking you inside. She leaves you alone and you sit down on the floor which you realize is lined with a pair of old worn out underwear which are at least clean. You jump up and grab the swing that is above you and try a couple pull ups and think at least you can get some exercise while you are in there.

She comes back in see you doing your mini-workout and delights babbling on some more in Spanish. You drop back down to the floor and she opens the door. She places a small bowl with some dry cereal in one corner and a bowl with some sand in it in the other corner which you realize is your toilet. So much for privacy. While her hand is in the cage, she also takes the opportunity to assault you some more with her fingers.

She relocks the cage door and you watch while she changes for bedtime. She is certainly very nice looking and nice enough toward you but you can't stay here as her pet. As soon as she lies down, you spring to action and try to work the clip that locks the door but the position through the bars to awkward and you aren't strong enough to squeeze it open. You give up and collapse on the floor of your new home and wrap yourself in your mistress' underwear.

When morning comes, the noise of her showering and getting dressed wakes you up. She is dressed in her regular clothes so this must be her day off. She comes over to the cage and talks to you in Spanish and then ....

Your choices:

  1. takes you out on the cage. You are going somewhere with her!
  2. covers the cage with a cloth leaving you behind for the day.

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