The hotel maid

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By: hurtonburton2

You find yourself staring up into the smiling face of a gorgeous, slim, dark-haired Latino woman in her late teens. She is wearing a short maid's dressed that reveals long, enticing legs.

As she sees you, she gasps in shocked delight and then scoops you up, stroking you like a pet and whispering something in what you presume is Spanish. You don't understand a word but you do understand how she is cooing and petting you.

She slips you into a pocket at the front of her skirt and you stay there all day, bouncing with her movement as she goes around carrying out her cleaning duties. Eventually a hand reaches in and she pulls you out. You find yourself in a hotel room, which seems to be her own home. She brings you up to her face for a kiss and then cuddles you against her bosom, still whispering at you as if you were a kitten or a puppy or a favourite stuffed toy.

Then she sits you down on the bed and disappears before returning carrying a

Your choices:

  1. cage - it's your new home...
  2. leash - it's time for walkies...

Retrieved September 13, 2016