Jessica is Back

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By: northgate

Jessica returns with food for you and she is genuinely nice to you talking to you when she is in the room and telling you about Jill who you will be a present for. "You think this sucks but at least you'll be in the US and with someone who speaks English. The days go by and Jessica keeps you secured away always returning with food and drink for you.

The days go by and you are bored out of your mind sometimes spending up to 15 hours stashed away in that drawer to the point you can't wait for the upcoming trip even if it means being an unwilling lover for some unknown lesbian.

The day comes and Jessica packs her bags while you lay on the bed nearby. "Hmmm, I can't pack you in my carry on or you might get picked up on the x-ray. What to do?"., she musses to herself. You don't really wanted to be stuffed in her bra like your trip down here but you don't have a better suggestion. "I know", she says picking you up, "Sorry little guy but I have to get you through security." She puts you in her sock and secures you with a rubber band that traps you around hugging her ankle. "You should be safe and secure there", she tells you as she finishes packing.

You make it to the airport without incident and she removes you while sitting in the waiting area. "Sorry about that little guy but I couldn't lose you now. I'll let you ride the rest of the way in my purse." and without another word, she drops you in the purse and zips it up. She feeds you during the flight and you get some sleep and after twelve hours you arrive in LA. She clears customs and whisks you home. When you get there she removes you from, her purse and looks around for some way to present you to her lover. She elects for a small decorative golden bird cage. She places you inside and wraps ribbon around it obscuring the view but allowing air to pass through. She places you on her nightstand and tells you, "Jill will be home soon. I'm warning you now. You better be good to her and behave or else I can be very nasty."

You worry about her threat but there isn't too much you can do now trapped in this birdcage. You don't have to wait to long before you hear someone else come into the house and female voices talking. A few minutes later, they enter the bedroom and Jessica presents you to Jill who unwraps the ribbons from the cage to see you inside. She looks at you and ...

Your choices:

  1. is excited with her present
  2. isn't interested in a little man for a lover.

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