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By: northgate

She holds you up and tells you that your Brazilian friend has no intention of letting you go. Now she doesn't know what I am saying and thinks I am telling you that I'm sorry you can't come home with me. But really here is the plan, you will have an opportunity to escape during this flight. You can't hesitate or you will be stuck with her forever. You'll know when the time comes and when it does my bag will be unzipped on the floor and all yopu need to do is jump in and I'll take care of the rest."

You look at her amazed as she says, "Bye bye tiny" and hands you back to your Brazilian friend who smiles at you before dropping you into her own backpack on the floor and zipping it shut trapping you inside.

A few hours pass and suddenly the zipper open partially and you here a voice say, "It's time for you to make your move." You squeeze out through the opening and see your Brazilian girl is fast asleep and your American friend is smiling down at you and nods to you. You push your self out of the backpack and jump to the floor and scamper over to the a leather bag on the floor belonging the American woman and jump inside. She quickly zips it up and you feel the whole bag move as she lifts it and stows it in the overhead.

From that point you don't hear what is happening because of the plane noise so you are unsure how more trouble you move has caused. You wait a long while until you feel the plane land and eventually the bag is removed from the storage area and you are carried into the terminal. You are in transit for sometime until you feel the bag has landed in a quiet spot and the side compartment that you were hiding in is unzipped allowing you to climb out.

Your eyes adjust to the light and you see you are on a bed in a hotel room. You American friend is looking down at you smiling. "That wasn't hard at all. She didn't wake up until we landed and then she didn't even check if you were still in her bag. Easy as stealing candy from a baby and you are some kinda candy, aren't you?"

She sits on the bed next to you causing you to fall over. "Sorry", she says, "By the way, my name is Jessica. Sorry but we'll be down here for a few days before it's back to L.A. Don't worry, we'll have some fun even though I have a lot of business while I'm here."

"What kind of business do you do", you ask a bit nervous being so close to this towering beauty. "I'm an agent for modeling talent. I'm down here checking out the girls at some local agencies we work with.", she replies.

You think, "What I cool job being around hot girls all the time." but your thought is interrupted by Jessica picking you up and dangling you in front of her face. "Jill is going to freak when I give you to her.", she says still smiling.

"Wait a minute", you ask, "who's Jill and what do you mean give me to her?", you ask worried. "She's my life partner", Jessica answers like that comment had no implications.

"Wait, your lesbians?", you ask wondering what you've gotten yourself into this time. "Well, I am", Jessica tells you but Jill is bi. You know, she likes girls and guys. She keeps bugging me that she wants to be with a guy occasionally and that's where you'll come in. You'll be there to keep her happy and out of the market for a man. Don't worry, Jill is plenty hot. She used to work as a model and she still has the looks."

She picks you up and takes a hand towel from the bathroom and carries you to a dress drawer. She lays the towel down in the drawer and you n top of it. "Now I have some business to tend to so you be a good little boy and stay quiet in there until I get back." With that comment she closes the drawer plunging you in darkness.

A few hours go by and the drawer opens and it is ...

Your choices:

  1. Jessica back for bedtime
  2. The hotel maid

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