Lucia Takes You Home

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By: northgate

Trapped inside Lucia, she dresses and says her good-byes and leaves for her own apartment. It is hot, wet and stuffy inside but you are fortunate that you are able to breath. She finally changes into shorts and a tee-shirt for bedtime and extracts you in the process. She takes you to the bathroom and washes you off and dries you. You get a quick look at her apartment and it looks small compared to her friends place. It only consists of a common living room/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. She talks to you but you still have no idea what she is saying. She sits down at a small desk in the main room where she has a computer and sets you down next to the keyboard as she starts her system and checks her Facebook page.

You recover from her recent treatment and realize that you may have a way to communicate with her. She gets up and goes in the kitchen to get a drink and you see your opportunity. You push the mouse over a Google link and click followed by selecting Translate and then Portuguese. You grab a nearby pencil and position in front of the keyboard. Slowly, you type out "I need your help" just as Lucia comes back and watches you finish. The translation appears in Portuguese and you look up at her for a response. She smiles and switches the translation and types out a response. You look at the English translation and it says, "Don't worry little one. I'll help you". She picks you up and sets you aside and goes back to her Facebook and email ignoring you. You try to move back to the keyboard to type another message but she just picks you up and puts you on the side waving her finger at you indicating you should stay put.

When she finishes she switches back to Google Translate and types something that translates to "Bedtime, little man". She picks you up and carries you to the bedroom and drops you in the bed. She takes care of somethings while you watch her get ready for bed. Finally she comes over to the bed and talks to you. You don't know what she says but she finishes by pointing at her breasts and then her panties and waits for you to give her an answer. You're not sure what she's asking but you figure she is asking what body part you like better. You saw plenty of her private parts and decide to point at her breasts.

She smiles and climbs into bed. She grabs you up and gives you a big wet kiss across your face. Next you are surprised as she moves you down and under her shirt and positions you between her breasts as she lies on her side. Her breast weighs down on you trapping you between them. The heat builds quickly and you are unable to move. Fortunately she left your head exposed so you can breath. "What is with this girl and keeping me in tight places close to her?", you think as you worry about what she may have in mind for you tomorrow.

Your choices:

  1. You survive through the night

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