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By: northgate

You know you don't have much choice with these girls that are so much larger than you and could kill you with one swipe of their hand so you comply to Lucia's delight. You plunge your head forward and cover her with kisses and licks as she desires. She brings her hand down and stokes your naked body with her fingernail of her index finger. She plays with your ass and it drives you wild and you get into eating her out. She continues to flow and there is more than you could ever take in. She continues to alternate between playing with her clit and playing with you moving her index finger back and forth.

After a long while you see this isn't going to end and you are exhausted so you back off but her fingers descend on you plucking you off the bed and she brings you to in front of her face. She chatters something in her native tongue that you don't understand followed by her throwing you a kiss. Next she lowers you back down to her pussy but this time she inserts you feet first up to your waist. He fingers manipulate you into a sitting position and and she pulls her lips apart and slides you a bit further so you are sitting inside her and directly in front of your face is her clitoris. Her fingertip nudges you and you realize she isn't done and expects you to use your legs while kissing her clit.

You are exhausted but you comply figuring this is your final act before you get a rest. She has multiple orgasms from this treatment with you are proud of. Aftert a while she lies still and you figure you will get a rest soon but what happens next shocks you as she reaches over for her panties and slides them on trapping you inside her. She pauses for a moment soaking in the feeling of you inside her before getting up which turns you around and is extremely disorienting. She slips back on her jeans that she arrived in and her top. The tight jeans further push you against her which she likes. She stokes you through the materials before leaving the room.

She then heads out for ....

Your choices:

  1. a night clubbing with Alexandre and Sarah
  2. home for more time with you

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