Evening with Lucia

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By: northgate

You 've been sleeping for a while and are awakened by a warm breeze blowing on you and some muffled giggles. It is Lucia laying on the bed next to you. You see Alexandre is also there standing nearby watching as Lucia pulls your naked body from the towel and up against her breast. You can feel the warmth through the thin material as she stands up still holding you tight against her.

You see from a nearby window that it is dark outside and you must have been asleep for hours. They carry you out of the room and down thew hall to another bedroom. They are chatting away and you know this can't be good and Sarah isn't there to translate for you. They hug with you in the middle before Alexandre leaves and Lucia takes you in the room. She places you in a dressing table and covers you with a heavy bowl trapping you in darkness. She tells you something as she covers you but you haven't a clue as to what she is up to. You try to move the bowl but you aren't strong enough and lifting it would be impossible for you. You finally give up and sit down and wait.

It isn't to long until Lucia comes back and lifts the bowl from over you. You see she changed and is now wearing an skimpy piece of lingerie and a big smile as she picks you up and carries you to the bed. She sits down and holds you in one hand while playing with you with the other. She follows this with kisses all over your body prompting an instant hard-on that delights her and she gives it several kisses. She brings her free hand up to play with you again and you immediately can tell she was fingering herself and is now coating you in her juices and encouraging you to lick her finger. You resist but she is persistent.

You know the time as come as she lowers you down to her nether regions and starts rubbing you over the lips of her pussy. She is completely clean shaven probably a recent waxing. She uses her free hand to spread her pussy wide and slowly strokes you in and out. She lies back and soaks in the feeling. She stops after a while leaving you half in and pokes you to signal it is your turn to get her off with kisses inside her and lapping up her juices as Sarah told you she wanted.

It is time to decide....

Your choices:

  1. Submit and become Lucia's sex toy
  2. Get out and run for your life

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