Awaken by Alexandre

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By: northgate

You awaken to see Alexandra is leaning over you smiling and blowing on you to wake you up. It feels like hours have passed and she is dressed very nicely like she is going out somewhere. This worries you a bit but at least it wasn't her friend Lucia waking you up. She picks you up and hold you in her hand and talks to you like you could understand every word. She takes you over to a dressing table where she presents you with a tiny tunic that is made to your size and a belt made of string. You put the tunic on and are surprised that it fits fairly well. You wrap the string around your waist and step back to model for your mistress. She smiles with approval and picks you up and deposits on her shirt's plunging neckline that you grab on to and dangling from inside the shirt between her breasts.

She leaves the room and you see the rooms of the house fly by as she enters a room with a very big screen TV that is showing music videos. She sits down on the sofa and extracts you from her outfit and deposits you on a coffee table in front of her. A moment later she is joined by her American friend Sarah carrying a drink for each of them. She sits down on the couch next to Alexandre and looks down at you. "Cute toga tiny", she giggles sipping from her drink, "Too bad Lucia is going to get it all wet and ruin it. You better watch out for her. I hear she's a squirter and she'll get you good." She laughs at her own joke and takes another drink.

Alexandre asks her a question and they talk for a moment and then Sarah turns back to you. "She's finally realized I've been talking to you and she wants to know why you are so small."

"Well tell her it was a lab accident and that she needs to get me back to the states.", you tell her and she turns back to Alexandre to translate.

They talk a bit more and she turns back to you, "That answer was boring. I told her that you pissed off a witch who cursed you and they curse can never be removed. Good one, huh?"

"You are such a bitch", you tell her, "I hope you get cursed by a witch. Maybe she's make you a hag.", you blurt out pissed off at her changing your answers.

She isn't happy and grabs you up in her fist and lifts you to her face. "I've just been playing around and I was going to give you a little help but now you really annoyed me." You start to talk but she gives you a subtle squeeze that takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. "You see I made up all that stuff about Lucia. Sure she thought you were cute and played with you but she wasn't going to do what I said. In fact Alexandre feels a little guilty about bringing you here and is thinking about letting me take you back to the states for help when I go back this week. Maybe I will take you back after all. Maybe I'll introduce you to my ex-boyfriend as my new guy. He's pretty nasty and would probably pound you into a pulp and I'm not making that up. Then again maybe I can sell you and make a pile of cash." I just don't know what to do."

She turns to Alexandre and continued to talk to her. You wish you knew what they were saying. In the end, she...

Your choices:

  1. drops you in her purse
  2. hands you back over to Alexandre

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