At the Beach

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By: northgate

All three girls join up and leave for a short walk to the beach. You stay tucked in Alexandre's bikini top for the ride and you hang on. This is probably the most fun you've had since you shrank and you start to think about staying with Alexandre might not be so bad. However you may not get your wish (as usual).

They arrive at the beach and lay over-sized towels out on the sand next to each other. Alexandre takes you out and places you on her blanket right next to her as she and the other girls apply sunscreen. Lucia is right next to you while Sarah is on the other side of Lucia. Alexandre finishing by rubbing some sunscreen on you too which you appreciate and give her a bow to show your thanks.

Unfortunately your fun time with Alexandre is over as Lucia snatches you off her blanket and dangles you over her head chattering away without you understanding a word. She puckers up and makes kisses in my direction laughing at me struggling in her fingertips. Next she rolls over on her stomach and I find myself wedged between her breasts and the towel as she has moved up on the towel. I see she is supporting herself on her elbows or I would have been totally crushed under her weight and I can see she is digging a hole in the sand with her fingers and I know this can be no good. A moment later she shifts down and gabs me up and proceeds to stand me up in the hole she just dug. She pushes the sand around me until I am completely covered except for my head sticking out of the sand. She kisses her fingertip and rubs my head while continuing to chatter away.

Sarah looks over and laughs at my predicament. "She says she wants to keep you where she can find you when she gets back from the water.", Sarah offers up, Almost as on cue Lucia and Alexandre run off to lay in the surf. "That girl has the hots for you", Sarah continues, "I'd say you are in really big trouble with her. You know she has a birthday coming up and Alexandre doesn't know what to get her. I bet you'd make a nice present."

"Please don't do that. It's bad enough already. By the way can you help me over here", you ask her.

Sarah reaches over and uses her finger to flick sand in your face. "I thought we went over the whole help me thing already", she tells you, "Be careful tiny. It wouldn't take much for me to completely bury you." She menacingly pushes a small pile of sand in your direction but stops short of her threat and goes back to the magazine she is reading.

After a while the two girls return and Lucia resume her position on her stomach over you and shakes the water of her hair and onto you. It actually feels good on your head but you can't drink the salty water. After a while she pushes her finger through the sand and signals you to dig yourself the rest of the way out which you do quickly. You are free but still in the hole. Every time you try to climb out the sides crumble sending you back into the hole. Lucia watches you intently cheering you on to escape the hole. Finally you get an idea and you use the sand to slowly make a ramp that you can use to carefully climb and get out. Alexandre and Lucia cheer your victory and Lucia grabs you up pin her slender fingers. She looks at your sandy body and says something as she stands and walks over the the edge of the ocean.

As scary as normal things have been at your size nothing compared to the roar of the ocean and the power of the waves. Lucia causally walks in up her knees and dips you in the water to rinse you off. You are scared that this girl might drop you and you'd be lost forever but she is careful and carries you back to shore. She tucks you in her bikini top like her friend did early and seems satisfies with herself as she walked down the beach. She buys a cup of soda at a snack stand and you see the girl that is waiting on her stare at you in amazement but she doesn't say a word.

She goes back to her towel and lies on her back this time and leaving you wedged between he breasts. She closes her eyes and lies there quietly and you consider what you should do. You decide you want to show your allegiance and preference to Alexandre and you should climb over to her. You slowly and carefully extricate yourself from between Lucia's breasts but before you get to far her fingers are upon you. You hear her say, "Não minúscula" as she moves you down across her taut stomach to her bikini bottom. She pulls the waist band out and sticks you feet first up to your waist in her bottom and releases the elastic trapping you in place. You can see over to Alexandre who has rolled over on her stomach and doesn't see you.

You struggle and wiggle to try and get free but Lucia's hand comes back down and covers you preventing any escape. After several hours they decide to go back to thew house for some food and Lucia extracts you from her bikini and again is chatting away at you causing the other girls to laugh. Sarah leans in and says, "She doesn't think you shouldn't eat much and spoil your appetite for later. She says she gets really wet and expects you to lick up every drop"

They go back to the same table outside where they had breakfast and are served a lunch of meat, bread and fruit. You try to beg for something but Lucia keeps stopping you because she really wants you hungry for her. Alexandre finally peals a grape and hands it to you against her friends protests. You figure she must have told her that you will need your strength too. After lunch they go to take showers and change and lucky Alexandre took me back to her room. She washes and dried me before taking her shower. When she was done she took hand towel, laid it on the bed and wrapped my naked body in it so I could get some rest. As she was showering I quickly fell asleep.

Your choices:

  1. Awaken by Alexandre
  2. Awaken by Lucia

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