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By: northgate

You are really small and in a foreign country where you don't speak the language and this girl has been fairly nice to you so far so you decide to stay with her. You stay close to her and fall asleep exhausted from your adventures so far.

The next morning you awaken and see that Alexandre is already awaken and showered. She is walking around in a bra and panties deciding what to wear and you admire her super cute body prancing around the room. She finally decides on a top and short and comes over to check on you. When she sees you are awake she goes off chattering although you don't understand a word. She carries you off to her breakfast which is served on an outside patio which overlooks the ocean. The servant, an older woman, brings her breakfast but ignores you even when you try to speak to her. Alexandre pets you on the head and hands you a piece of her croissant and dips her pinkie into her orange juice and lets you lick it off.

She continues this until her two friends from the previous night show up and join her for breakfast. Her Brazilian friend Luisa decides to play with you by pushing you over and poking at you with her manicured nails smiling as you struggle to resit her. The other two laugh at you as she descends her palm with long fingers extended over you like a cage pushing you down to a sitting position. Then the index finger comes in and tickles you. She keeps this up until the servant brings her some food and she lets you go.

You run across the table to the American blond. "Please miss, you have to help me. Did you see what she was doing to me. I need to get back to the states.", you tell her.

She smiles down at you, "First my name is Sarah and I told you already I'm not helping you. Alexandre's my friend and you are her pet."

You insist with her, "NO! You have to help me. This isn't right. I shouldn't be here."

"Fine, you irritating little gnat. I'll help you", she says and turns to start chatting with her two friends in Portuguese. They all start laughing at whatever she is says and looking at you and you start to get worried.

After they talk for a few minutes, she turns back at you and says, "I told them that you think Luisa is really hot and want to take her to bed. Maybe if you give her a good time, she'll help you get back.", she says sarcastically.

"WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY?", you yell, "That girl could eat me alive." but before you can continue a hand descends on you and it is Luisa grabbing you up by the legs and dangling you upside down in front of her face. Her tongue lashes out and licks you several times followed by kisses as she and her friends giggle at your plight.

To your relief she hands you back to Alexandre who hold you in her hand and looks down at you gabbing on about something or other. You really wish you spoke Portuguese right now." After telling you something she drop you back on the table and all three of them continue to chat away.

You go back to Sarah and say, "Why did you do that? I was already in deep enough and what was it that Alexandre saying to me? I want to know."

"Why are you still bothering me, shorty. Didn't you just learn your lesson", she replies and continuing with her friends causing them to giggle again and you immediately worrying. "Alexandre said there is plenty of time tonight but right now we are gong to change and go to the beach first. Oh yeah, I told Luisa that you can't wait to give her the best head of her life and she told me that's her favorite so you are all set."

"Why do you keep doing that", you ask her.

"How thick are you?", she replies, "Because you are bothering me with your problems. Talk to me again and I tell her to keep you in her bikini bottom for the day."

You sit there in silence afraid of what Sarah may do next and wait for them to finish breakfast. Alexandre gives you a bit more to eat before carrying you back to her bedroom to change. You watch her change again and realize this is the highlight of your day as her friends change downstairs. She has a tiny bikini and then puts on a cover for the trip over to the beach. She looks for somewhere to but you but she doesn't have any pockets so she Sticks you under her bikini top strap lodged between her breasts. You are left hanging on and dangling but it is pretty cool being between her breasts. She goes downstairs to join her friends for the trip to the beach with you trapped securely away.

Your choices:

  1. At the Beach

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