Time to Get Away

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By: northgate

She is sleeping soundly and you decide you had enough of her and have to find someone who speaks English and will help you. You climb down the bed sheet to the floor and navigate your way across the room. You didn't realize how big a space it was until you try walking to the door through the thick carpet. You continue as fast as you can and you see the door ahead and it is ajar. You are thinking how lucky you are and continue for the door where you see a hallway light is on.

You make it through the door and are faced with numerous options of what to do next. You can escape Alexandre's room easy enough but getting out of the house without help is going to be impossible especially in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. You come up with a plan and hope it will work. You decide to go to the first floor and wait by the door. Sooner or later someone will go through and you can slip out with them. The problem is that you need to navigate the steps to get to the door and at your size each step will be a challenge.

You make it to the top and see there are seven steps to a landing and then probably seven more around the corner. You lower yourself over the edge of the first step holding onto the carpet fibers until you are hanging over the next step and release jumping down. You repeat this process slowly making your way down the steps. When you get to the first floor all of the lights are out and you aren't sure where to go. The floor downstairs in tile which makes it easier to get around but it takes you a while to find the front door and in fact it is the first light of morning when you get there and you are exhausted. To make matters worse there is nothing near the door for you to hide. The closest thing is a small end table and you aren't sure if you could make the door even in a full out run from that position. You climb under the table and figure it is your best option for now.

You nod off for a while but you are awakened by sounds nearby and you realize that someone is going to the door. You see shoes from your hiding place but not much more as they are unlocking the door and you figure this is your chance. You make a mad dash for the door hoping to time your arrival with it opening so you can speed by unnoticed and outside. You continue running hoping to defeat the odds and make it outside when you look up and see the person at the door is ....

Your choices:

  1. Alexandre
  2. The Live-in Maid and she's hot

Retrieved September 13, 2016