Alexandre Plays With You

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By: northgate

Alexandre has had a night of drinking and partying with her friends and and is a bit tipsy.She takes you out from her breasts and drops you on the bed. She continues to talk to you and coo and you like a little pet but you have no idea what she is saying. You watch as she strips down to her panties and puts on a t-shirt and lies down next to you.

You try to communicate to her again saying,slowly, "You need to get me to your friend. She speaks English and can help translate" but she ignores you and her hand sweeps out and brushes you closer to her and you slam into her t-shirt feeling her warm firm breast right under the t-shirt. She continues to talk to you and play with you. She rolls on her back and moves you to on top of her flat taut stomach. You get your bearings when she releases you and you try to get away afraid of what this drunk giantess might do next. You head aimlessly south to get away from her and you your foot land in her belly button and you trip falling forward on the exposed bare skin between her t-shirt and the elastic band of her underwear.

She giggles at your failed escape and her hand swoops down and grabs you up. She holds you but the feet and dangles you over her face as she lies back and chatters away. You think she is probably telling you all about her future plans for you although you have no idea what they might be. She lowers you down a couple tomes and kisses you on the head laughing at your struggles to get free.

After an hour of play she gets up and shuts off the lights and get back in bed under the sheet. She lies on her side and pulls you close against her breasts cuddling you as she drifts off to sleep. Do you...

Your choices:

  1. Take this opportunity to get out of there
  2. Stay with her. You have no idea where you would go better.

Retrieved September 13, 2016