She Takes You to Meet Friends.

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By: northgate

She is dressed in a miniskirt and low-cut top. She picks you up out of your glass cage and places you deep between her breasts so only your head sticks out. She talks to you but you don't understand a word. She goes and and walks for a while and you can tell it's pretty late at night. She goes into a nightclub and walks around for a while. The music is incredibly loud to your tiny ears but you are helpless to do anything.

She sits down at a small table and you hear her chatting with what you suppose are her friends and ordering a drink from a waitress. Then you feel her fingers descend upon you and pull you out from between her breasts. She sets you down on the table and you look up to see to two new girls looking down at you smiling. One is a dark skinned Brazilian beauty who reached down and gives you a poke to see if you are real and you fall backward causeingall three to laugh at you.

You look around you and see two martini glasses tall than you nearby filled with a blue drink. You want to run but there is no where to go on this tiny round table but to the floor far below. You are surprise when the third girl picks you up in her hand and strokes your body with her manicured fingernail. "Please help me girls. I need to get to the American embassy. I shouldn't be here." The two other girls laugh at your squeaking but this girl holds you up to her face. She is a gorgeous blond with fair skin long wavy hair past her shoulders.

She looks you over for a moment, "You are American? You speak English", she asks you in perfect English.

"Yes, Thank God. You need to help me.", you tell her.

"I don't think so", she tells you, "You are Alexandre's pet and she is my friend so you better get with the program."

She turns to her friends and tells them what you said and they laugh.

She looks back down at you and says "Alexandre and her friend Luisa are rich party girls living the good life in Rio. I'm came down here from California and they have been showing me the good life. I'm not about to screw that up."

She hands you back to Alexandre who tells you something you don't understand before dipping you headfirst in her own blue drink. she lifts you out and you sputter from getting the sweet liquor in your mouth and then she sticks you in her mouth headfirst and sucks you dry as her friends watch and laugh.

They spend the night dancing drinking and playing with you as they get move drunk. Eventually Alexandre makes her way home and decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. Play with you some more
  2. Put you away until tomorrow

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