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By: superfan

Once again, you find yourself bouncing around in a purse. Although, this time, you have a measure of protection against the clutter that seems to be standard equipment for ANY woman. That is small comfort, however (and you ruefully guffaw at that unintentional pun as soon as you think of it). Knowing what you'll probably be put through--quite literally--at your captor's giant hands once she removes you from this case!

But, all these depressing thoughts come to an end when you hear a muffled shout that you think comes from Lea. That shout is followed by the most jarring vibration, yet. One that bounces you back and forth inside the case. Leaving you momentarily dazed and bruised. As a result, you are still lying motionless when you get a slight pressure build-up in your ears. Indicating that the case is being lifted upward...which, in turn, means that someone has removed it from Lea's purse.

Moments later, bright light is flooding your prison as two fingers gently pick you up. And you manage to find enough second wind to gasp in astonished recognition. It's Lisa! Holding you in her left hand. You then look around for her partner, Dave. And you see him to your right. He's standing guard over Lea, who's bound-and-gagged (with duct tape) to a chair. And, sitting in another chair to her left, is another woman. One who's got a TASER stun-gun aimed right at her.

It's Trisha!!!!

"Uhm!" you begin: "Not to sound ungrateful. But, what the frig are you guys doing?"

Your choices:

  1. It turns out Lisa and Dave are undercover Federal agents.
  2. It turns out Lisa, Dave, and Trisha are all con artists!

Retrieved September 13, 2016