Working with Lisa and Dave

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By: northgate

They manage to stuff Trisha in the trunk of their car and take you up front with them. They tell you they have a special job but the window of opportunity is narrow so they needed you immediately. They explain the job to you which sounds fairly simple but you're sure it's not what it appears. They tell you that they will be going to a restaurant where their target will be having lunch. When she takes her wallet out of her purse to pay, they will create a distraction and you will be dropped in the purse that will being hanging on the back of her chair. Inside you will find an object the size of a credit card with a five digit display. You are to press a button on the front of the card and remember the code that is displayed. Then you are to remove a small memory chip that is in the side of device and climb out the purse with it. Then you are to jump to the ground and hide under the table until they can retrieve you. You'll have 5 minutes to complete your mission. It sounds a bit like a plot to Mission Impossible and you have no choice so you agree with the plan.

"Why don't you just take this woman the way you got Trisha and me. Wouldn't that be easier?", you ask them. "Because this woman has security all the time. We could never get to her and all we really need is the chip and the code to get to the real prize. By the time she realizes the chip is missing from the card, we will be long gone." "What about Trisha?", you ask concerned for this girl's life. "Once the job is over, we'll let her go as she'll be fine.", Dave answers. You don't even ask about yourself because you know whatever they tell you will probably be a lie. Meanwhile, Lisa brings you up to her face and says, "You are so cutsy wutsy, I can't stand it. You do a good job today and I'll have a big reward for you". She plant a big kiss on your face and says, "Now don't disappoint me. I have big plans for you."

You get to this swanky restaurant and the plan immediately goes into action. Dave goes up acting like he knows this woman and out of no where two security guys are there to shoo him away. In the confusion Lisa passes close by dropping you into the open purse. "Maybe this can work", you think as you spot the card exactly as they described. You press a button with all your might and the card softly glows 58121. You repeat it to yourself several times to commit it to memory and them climb over to remove the chip in the side. This turns out to be harder than it looks for someone your size and you struggle with it for a few minutes.

You finally are able to extract it and it is about the side of a pad of paper to you easy enough to carry. You turn to climb up and out of the purse but a shadow falls over you and you see the woman dropping her wallet back in the purse which falls directly on you pinning you down. A moment later you watch in horror as she zips the purse shut trapping you inside. You want to try and climb up to see if you can budge the zipper but everything starts moving round you as she stands up and takes her purse to leave the restaurant. You wonder if Lisa and Dave have a backup plan but if they did nothing happens and you are transported back to this woman office. You are going to have to come up with your own escape plan.

You are transported back to this woman's office end she is totally unaware that you are trapped inside which is your only advantage in trying to get out of this mess. About two hours go by and you've try to work the zipper to facilitate an escape but you've had no luck. Suddenly the purse shakes as she lifts it up to her desk and you fall back inside as she unzips it. She reaches in and retrieves the electronic card that you had removed the chip from. You think for a moment about climbing out but you'd be in plain sight and she would see you. You hears her say "what the hell" as she examines the card and realizes the chip is missing. You think Lisa and Dave didn't give her enough credit to figure it out that fast and a moment later your world goes upside down as she dumps the contents of her purse on the desk and you spill out right in the middle still clutching the memory chip.

You look up and see an attractive woman probably in her mid-forties well dressed and with expensive jewelry on. "My, my" she says as she slowly puts back each item in her purse leaving you and the card out on the desk top. "It looks like a have a little thief hiding in my purse", she says as she moves the purse off the desk and you are feeling very vulnerable at that moment.She brings her hand up and drums her finely manicured finger nails on the desk and says, "I believe that belongs to me" referring to the memory chip and you hand it to her. She replaces it in the card and fiddles with it for a moment before turning her attention back to you. "Tell me everything and perhaps I'll go easy on you".

You don't want anymore trouble than you already have so you tell her about Trisha and the plane with Lisa and Dave and what happened on the elevator and the plan that you were suppose do to steal the chip. She takes in all in for a moment and says, "You didn't tell me a thing I don't already know. What are Lisa and Dave's full names, where do they live, what was the license on the car, what did they want the code and chip for, what were they trying to steal? TELL ME!". She thumped her fist on the desk knocking you over.

"I don't know any of that", you tell her. "Really?", she replies, "They trusted their whole plan to an absolute amateur who knows nothing. I don't believe that. Perhaps you need so incentive" She picks you up off the desk between her two fingers and drops you to the carpeted floor. You are laying on your back and she lowers her expensive high hell over you pivoting on the spiked heel. You look up and see the red leather sole lowering over you until it has you pinned against the carpet. "Tell me something of use", she orders you. "I told you everything", you yell up. She removes the shoe and picks you up dropping you back on the desk. She takes her finger and presses on your foot. "Perhaps crushing all of you in a bit hasty but just your foot would hurt quite a bit but it won't kill you either. Now tell me what I want to know."

You know she is going to do it and you think if you should try and make up some answers but just then the phone rings and answers it giving you a reprieve for at least a moment. As she talks on the phone you think of diving off the desk and making a run for it but she is watching you so there is no escape. She ends the phone call saying, "Thank you and can you send Lea in here. I have something I need her to take care of for me." She hangs up and turns her attention back to you. "I have business in Paris and I need to leave for the airport so I will need to leave this matter in the hands of an assistant of mine that quite ambitious does whatever I need to get results."

A moment later there is a knock at the door and a beautiful blond with piercing blue eyes in her late twenties comes and and sits across from her boss not taking notice of you on the desk in front of her. The woman fills in this assistant that you now know is named Lea with all the details of how she found you and what you told her. "I want you to find this threat so we can deal with it. Do whatever you have to with him to jog is memory and get him talking. I want answers by the time I'm back here."

Lea smiles down and you and grabs you up on a tight fist with only your head and shoulder exposed. "No worries. I will take care of this for you." She stands and exits the office still holding you in a fist as she strolls back down the hall to her own office. She sits down ant her desk and using scotch tape tapes your arms to your side and your legs together immobilizing you. She takes a sunglasses case out of her desk and put the glasses on her forehead and drops you in the case saying with a smirk, "Little man, you are going to get me my next promotion that I so richly deserve." and she snaps the case shut.

Your choices:

  1. At Lea's Condo
  2. Lisa and Dave attempt a rescue mission

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