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By: superfan

You are still in Trisha's purse when she gets out of the cab and pays the driver. So, you have to surmise that she's entering the lobby of the apartment building when you hear a brief buzzing noise. You equally surmise she's summoned an elevator when you hear a tell-tale "ding" of arrival. And you're thinking that she had just boarded the elevator when someone came running toward it at the last moment. Because you hear a vaguely familiar voice calling out:

"Hold the doors. Hold the doors!"

"It couldn't be," you whisper to yourself.

But, it is. It's Lisa and Dave! The newlywed couple who had been returning from their Brazilian honeymoon! What are they doing here?

Trisha cautiously asks them that same question. You then hear her exclaim in fright! That is; before her voice becomes strangely muffled. Following which, you and the contents of the purse start bouncing around as the purse, itself, is rather abruptly jostled. And you soon discover why as a gigantic left hand reaches in and pulls you out.

A gigantic left hand belonging to Lisa.

She squeezes you so tightly, you can't even draw breath to demand what is going on! You soon see for yourself, however, when you spot Dave standing behind Trisha. Holding his right arm around her mid-section and his left hand across her mouth!

"Hi, there, cutie. Fancy running into you, again. 'Small' world, isn't it?"

She is the only one who chuckles at the pun. Dave, in fact, tells her to get to the point. She frowns, but agrees.

"Dave and I aren't really newlyweds. We're international jewel thieves! And we have a caper coming up where a little guy like you could come in mighty handy. Say 'yes,' and we merely hold Trish hostage for a little while. Say 'no' and I take you with us, anyway. Though, not before Dave breaks her neck!"

There is no legitimate choice.

Your choices:

  1. You nod your head in abject surrender.

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