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By: superfan

You arrive at the international airport just a little bit late due to unexpected head winds. But, you're glad to be home, just the same. You remain in the purse all the while Trisha is waiting to claim the rest of her luggage. You get a little nervous when a customs inspector asks to examine the contents of her luggage for any kind of contraband! Trisha, however, had already anticipated that likelihood. So, after her phone call to Rachel (her condo sitter), she went to a gift shop at the Brazilian airport...and bought a Japanese-made action figure!

In short; you re-enter the United States posing as "M.A.A.C. Guyver" (interchangeable Richard Dean Anderson head not included).

One twenty-minute taxi ride later, you and Trisha...

Your choices:

  1. ...arrive at the condo and meet Rachel.
  2. ...have an unexpected reunion with Lisa & Dave.

Retrieved September 13, 2016