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By: northgate

It turns out that Ana is a good friend and help Trisha and you to get the tickets, get to the airport and safely on your way home. It looks like things are finally going your way. You are on your way back to the U.S. with a girl that actually seems like she wants to help you.

Once the flight is under way Trisha takes you out and set you down on her tray to talk to you. She is sitting in coach so you are surprised she is so open and willing to reveal you to the strangers sitting next to her. They immediately spot you and ask Trisha what you are. You quickly find out their names and Lisa and Dave and they are returning from their honeymoon in Rio. Trisha tells them you are a friend of her's that was in a lab accident working with a concentrated extract of a rare Amazonian plant in Brazil and you are taking me home to see if she can find a treatment in the U.S. You think this girl has a more vivid imagination that you do.

Lisa is petite but she has big blond hair and a nice tan. She gushes over how cute you are and how she wish she could get some of that extract to shrink Dave down to size and she could take him everywhere with her. Dave is obviously a bit disturbed at his new wife's fascination with shrinking him and carrying him around. He tries to change the conversation but Lisa won't relent asking Trisha questions about you that Trisha just answers with bullshit. You start to wonder if she is a pathological liar or just having fun with this couple. Dave finally excuses himself to go to the bathroom but you know he just wants an excuse to get away from his wife who can't stop talking about shrinking him down.

As soon as he is gone, Lisa's attention turns to you and she asks Trisha if she can hold you. Trisha agrees to readily for your liking only telling her to be careful and not to squeeze me to hard. Lisa lifts me off the tray without any hesitation and hold you pinned against her palm with her thumb while her free hand probes around touching you all over. Trisha doesn't even seem to notice and Lisa brings you close to her face talking to you like to you like you are a baby.

"You are such a cutie.", she tells you with you too close to her face, "I could eat you up." Her tongue comes out a bit and you think she is going to kiss or lick you. You know she is thinking about it. She continues to poke at you and she turns to Trisha and says , "How about he trade guys? Dave is a really good guy and has a great six figure job."

Trisha looks at her for a second sizing up how crazy this girl is. "You want to trade your new husband to me. How would that work? Would I have to marry him or is he my boyfriend or are you selling him into servitude?", she asks her thinking this is even crazier than she would ever take this conversation.

"whatever you want", Lisa replies and turns back to you, "You want to come home with me you little cute man. We can make love like you never dreamed of?" She moves in and gives you a big wet kiss across the face. Trisha leans in and says, "Let ask Dave what he thinks when he gets back. In the meantime, you better let me hold on to the little guy so he doesn't get hurt."

Lisa turns you back to Trisha who puts you back in her bag for safe keeping. Lisa thinks for a moment and says, "Yeah you are know Dave would never let me go. He's crazy in love with me. In fact, If I told him he had to shrink down to be with me, I know he would do it for me."

Just then Dave comes back and he'[s glad to see you are out of sight but that doesn't stop his wife from cuddling up with him and talking about shrinking him down and all the things she wants to do to him. I feel bad for the guy because he'll probably be hearing about it for a long time., Trisha ignores them and doesn't take me back out for a break until Lisa and Dave are sleeping. I'm just as glad that the situation has forced Trisha to keep me in her bag as I didn't being seen.

During one of the breaks when I am out, Trisha informs me that she lives with a roommate in a condo. It is actually her parent's condo so she didn't have to sublet it while she was in Brazil which works out fine because she can move back in immediately. She had called her roommate whose name is Rachel from Brazil to let her know her trip was cut short and she was coming back just to give her a chance to get things back in order and evict any guys that might be hanging out in her absence.

When you get to through the airport she takes a cab back to the condo and although Trisha was a bit wierd on the flight things calmed down a bit for the rest of the trip.

Your choices:

  1. Arrive at Trisha;s condo

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