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By: superfan

"Trish!" you instinctively exclaim: "What are you doing? Stop! Don't. . .!"

"I have to," your rescuer replies: "She won't believe me, otherwise."

So, once again, you find yourself being shown to a lovely young woman (in her late teens/early twenties) who spends at least the thirty seconds so astounded, their mouths hang open in speechless disbelief. Just staring at you! But, finally, she recovers when she hears you say her name in greeting. Of course, your fluency in Portuguese doesn't extend past "Sih, senhor. Obrigado." So, you try to compensate with the only phrase you remember from your high school freshman class in Spanish-as-a-second-language.

"Hola, Ana. Como esta usted?"

Trish laughs and translates the phrase.

Ana's monosyllabic reply is in flawless English.


Your choices:

  1. Ana proves her friendship & agrees to help you and Trish get back to the States.
  2. Ana blackmails Trish into letting her permanently keep you for herself!

Retrieved September 13, 2016