Trish to the Rescue

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By: northgate

The drawer opens and it is Trish who defeated and tied up Senhora Garcia and forced Rosita and tell you where she was hiding you. She frees you from the dirty sock and drops you in her jacket pocket. She ties up Rosita and quickly leaves the house. She returns to her apartment where she quickly packs a suitcase. "We need to get out of her before they get untied and call the authorities. I have a friend who we can stay with until I can get a ticket back to the US.

You are fortunate that Trish found you and you only hope her plan succeeds. She takes a cab and you are at a house in a residential neighborhood. You are still hidden in her pocket but you can hear her talking to someone in Portuguese. When she takes you out, you are in a small bedroom that appears to belong to a girl. Trish says, "This is my friend Ana's parents house. They have been like a second family while I am here. I'll book the tickets home and we can stay here a couple days until we can get a flight out. This is her room but she is out right now. Her mom told me I could come in here to wait until Ana gets back from the store.

"I don't know if you should tell Ana about me", you tell Trish trying to minimize your contact with anyone else. "We'll see", she replies as she tucks you back in her pocket. Trish opens her laptop and connects to the families internet access to look for a plane ticket home. "Here we go", she says to herself. This one will get us to San Diego and it leaves the day after tomorrow.

She books the ticket and just then her friend Ana comes in. They start talking but you can't understand a word. You are worried that Trish will show you to Ana. There is fanally a pause in the conversation and ....

Your choices:

  1. Trish shows you to the amazed Ana
  2. Trish keeps you hidden and goes down to have dinner with Ana's family

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